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Jan 9, 2010 07:08 AM

Help!!! Running into a Problem

I have been to NOLA about 8 times before. I posted here earlier asking for a good restaurant but I just realized as I am trying to decide where to eat...alot of places are closed on Monday night. This is actually the first time I have ever been in NOLA on a Monday night for dinner. Please suggest a good spot that is open on Monday.

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  1. Mandina's on Canal. Good red beans and rice with Italian sausage (or with breaded pork chop or, I think, fried chicken). Start with the crab claws but you'll need more than 1 person.

    1. As it seems you were looking for something a little higher end for dinner, I believe August is open Mondays, as are Cochon and Iris. We really ought to get around to a Restaurants open Mondays post. I'm too cold to research it at the moment though.

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        New Orleans food writer/critic Tom Fitzmorris had a list of over 120 places open on Monday, but I can't find it, it may be here somewhere:

        What type of cuisine or price range you were looking into???

        Stella!, Emeril's, Luke, Arnaud's, Domenica in the Roosevelt, Bon Ton, Herbsaint, are all open on Monday night.

        1. Dick and Jenny's just started offering Monday night dinner.

          1. I have been to Stella a few times, also Herbsaint, I am leaning towards Luke. I am staying in the Garden District and it seems the only place open near there on Monday is Le Crepe nanou?? Anyone been. I have been to Commanders a few times too, I wanted to try something new.

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              love Nanou. go early or expect a wait. moules frites are a great start. their 3 course dinners are a steal.

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                I believe Galatoire's is closed on Mondays...

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                    I thought so, unless there was a recent change....