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Jan 9, 2010 06:22 AM

Where to eat inexpensively for lunch in New Canaan

I've done a career change and am now working in New Canaan. Where should I go for lunch thats reasonable? I'm on the same block as Bruggers bagels. Jfood I'm sure you have some suggestions!

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  1. Hi, Steve--I'm not jfood but I do often head up to NC for lunch and Pain Quotidien is my go-to place. Good, not expensive. Rosie's is always packed and has a good rep but I haven't been there. And I just noticed yesterday that CT Muffins also serves very simple lunches. For burgers you can't beat Cherry Street East. If you want to travel to Norwalk and brave the Post Road lunchtime madness, I do love Swanky Franks.

    1. Lunch in NC -

      West to East:
      Tony's Deli - Great sandwiches; lots of HS kids
      Roccos - Not a favorite of jfood's
      Lemongrass - Never open when jfood has tried to eat there
      Made it Myself - Basic sandwiches, jfood likes the sausage and peppers, he hears good things on the cheessteak
      Sole - Does not meet the inexpensive criteria, but an option
      Taste of Asia - basic chinese; owner a sweetheart but always empty
      Pain Quotidien - Good option for sandwiches, soups and sandwiches. Tell them you are in a hurry when you order
      Sushi 25 - Owned by same people as Ching's good Lunch Options (menu on line)
      Harvest Supper - just started serving lunch, not inexpensive
      Rosies - Best sandwiches in town, pricey, great prpared foods, great chicken tortilla soup
      Reid's - Not worth the money
      Pinocchio - inedible (others will disagree but let them)
      Garelick and Herb - Prepared salads and nice selection of sanwiches
      Plum Tree - Japanese and sushi lunch specials
      Viccollas - Basic italian place with pizza and pastas
      Ching's - Great Asian with Lunch Options (menu on line)
      Gates - Good sandwiches, not bad burgers
      Tequilla Mockingbird - nothing ever was good for jfood
      NC Diner - Just opened, had breakfast there, always crowded and jfood hearing goo d things
      New Canaan Pizza - Horrible
      Forest St Deli - East side equivilent to Made it Myself. Basic Boars Head dsandwiches and they cook some items each morning. Owner a sweetheart
      Joes Pizza - Best pizza around. Lorenzo always trying new things. All the local workers eat here.
      50 Coins - $12 for a hamburger that noone likes
      Cherry Street East - Great Burger in a cozy bar atnosphere
      Club Sandwich - good combination sandwiches; taken a second seat with the addition of all the new places
      Veggie Barn - Basic hot table and deli with some meatballs, sausage, deli
      Bruegger's - Crappy CT bagels

      New place, Filling Station, opening in a few weeks right near you. jfood does not hold out much hope.

      Thats the brain dump. Jfood thinks he's missing one tho.

      Welcome to town

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      1. re: jfood

        I give a big endorsement to Lemongrass for the NC Lunch Scene. Their food is a classic example of why excellent ingredients make food taste excellent. Lemongrass' perfectly-sized wraps leave you with just enough room for one of the owner's most-amazing chocolate chip cookies. Jfood, they are open every day at lunch so not sure when you stopped by.

        1. re: frieswiththat

          Jfood actually tried again this past Saturday at ~1PM. The front case was worse than Mother Hubbards Cupboard. There was one, yes one, half of a chicken salad wrap, a few chocolate chip cookies and some other hand things. Jfood waited for a few minutes to see if at least he could buy a cookie or have a sandwich made. Nope, noone came out of the back.

          He'll try again, maybe thyey had a big catering event or something.

      2. the lunch specials at plumb tree and sole are nice. good food and you can get out of there pretty quick

        1. hey Jfood...........whatever happened to Chef Luis' (former Sole chef) small spot on Elm St...?....he used to have a decent lunch back in the day

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          1. re: frikadeller

            last time i stopped in chef l. he had a different $10 lunch for each day of the week. not sure if that is still in effect. apparently he was planning a similar themed evening menu though i'm sure for more than $10. :-)

          2. I would also recommend Club Sandwich on Cherry Street--huge selection, fresh ingredients, nice owner.