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Jan 8, 2010 06:27 PM

Balkan products- Vcr & vicinity

Hi all,

Please let me know your favourite E. European food store (or resto)....ready to travel for good quality products

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    1. I just read about Bernie's Balkan Kitchen on a local food blog:

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        And just up the road on Edmonds from Balkan Kitchen is Balkan House:

        Never been but I"ve read some decent reviews.

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          Nice looking (Chowdown worthy) menu too.

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          I have enjoyed the Bernie's "Burek" a couple of times.......try ordering a complete pie (cheese or beef) and taking out when hot....It's like a picture, and a great alternative to pizza when having friends together....other choices are also great

        3. I was always a huge fan of Bernie's Balkan Kitchen out in Burnaby, so I was saddened when I passed by and found it closed last year. The closure left me high and dry when looking for good Serbian food.

          Imagine my joy when I randomly stumbled onto this new restaurant with a similar name in Vancouver. It couldn't be the same, could it?

          Well, one thing is definitely not the same - this is a MUCH bigger space and it has an open kitchen so you can watch everything being made from scratch.

          They just opened in December, so are still getting things in order. But they already have a lot of the old menu items, including goulash soup, bean soup, and a variety of freshly made bureks (Beef, cheese, or spinach and cheese when I visited).

          Apparently the delicious pljeskavica served on housemade rolls will be on the menu again soon - just have to get up and running.

          I tried the beef burek "regular" slice ($8), and it was just as good as the Burnaby location. They make the kore (phyllo) in house. Yes, in house, not frozen made in a factory. That is a lot of work - but it entirely pays off. The kore was thin and crunchy and was wrapped in many layers around the nicely seasoned beef. Delicious! The portion size is quite large too, and they do offer a "small" slice which is about half a "regular" portion as well. But I couldn't resist a "regular" since it has been so long!

          Welcome back, Bernie! Back here where we need ya! (Bonus points if you know that reference!) :)

          Address: 5737 Battison Street, Vancouver

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              Nice find, grayelf! Based on that listing it looks like the grilled meats will be expanding soon!