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Jan 8, 2010 06:27 PM

Balkan products- Vcr & vicinity

Hi all,

Please let me know your favourite E. European food store (or resto)....ready to travel for good quality products

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    1. I just read about Bernie's Balkan Kitchen on a local food blog:


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        And just up the road on Edmonds from Balkan Kitchen is Balkan House:


        Never been but I"ve read some decent reviews.

        1. re: el_lobo_solo

          Nice looking (Chowdown worthy) menu too.

        2. re: fmed

          I have enjoyed the Bernie's "Burek" a couple of times.......try ordering a complete pie (cheese or beef) and taking out when hot....It's like a picture, and a great alternative to pizza when having friends together....other choices are also great