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Jan 8, 2010 06:24 PM

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I have been looking around for a pre-seasoned cast iron dutch oven (5 qt) in the GTA area, been to Value Village, Canadian Tire and Caynes - all carry cast iron pan but not dutch oven. Walmart on-line & Lodge Logic on-line (in the States) sell it at U$40 & U$60 respectively. Anyone can help me with this and a ball park figure of how much. thanks.

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  1. Caynes doesn't have the lodge but they have an enameled one that might work.

    It might not be the quality you're looking for, but might work. Not sure where to get the lodge logic one, maybe caynes could special order it since they do carry other things by that line. Alternatively Le Creuset would have a better quality enameled cast iron one and is more available, but much more expensive.

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      1. re: TeRReT

        Thanks but $99 seems to be out of budget a bit.

      1. re: youdonut

        Thanks; I checked the link and it's an on-line store from the States. If I have it shipped to Canada, I'll have to pay U$25 for the shipping, which get the final bill out of my reach (even the C$ is almost at par with U$). I'll check out the Vaughan Mill store to see how much it is offered

      2. We picked up a cast iron dutch oven from IKEA 4 or 5 years ago and it's been great:

        It's listed for about $50. Ours is orange, not sure if they still make the other colours.

        The only real sacrifice you make for the price is that the inside surfaces are not enameled. This hasn't caused us any problems; it seasoned nicely, and we take care of it just like any other cast iron. The outside bottom surface is smooth so we can use it on our ceramic stovetop without scratching it, and it can also be put into the oven.

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        1. re: Gary

          I already have a smaller green one from Ikea (which was made in France). It works beautifully. The orange one and green one were made in France but the later / current blue version is made in China - the reason why I'm hesitated to buy one. I also got one from Kitchenaid (and one from Le Cruset of similar size as a gift). Among the 3 cast iron pots, Kitchenaid already came down - the enameled interior started to give off powders around the rim after I use hot water to clean it. The interior of all 3 are all enameled (Ikea one with matte enamel and both Kitchenaid & LC with creamy color enamel).

          The new dutch oven I'm looking for is those non-enamel ones as they tend to do a better searing job.

          1. re: kmv37

            Ah, interesting on the France/China origin. Ours was made in France, which must be a first for IKEA. Curious if there's any actual difference in quality with the new ones.

            1. re: Gary

              I checked the current blue ones last june / july (which is around that time that Ikea offers sales to those items to be discontinued on their next season). The appearance seems the same, except for the made in "XX" on the bottom. On a closer look, I find rust on the lids (just under the knob) and some chips along the rim on most of their existing stock (not sure if those are left over). I believe Ikea would do a better QC than Kitchenaid.

              On a side note, after using all the 3 pots for over 2 years, the Kitchenaid's original creamy interior already turned brownish and this makes the needle holes very visible. the LC pot does come a bit darker in colour but it's nowhere near "brown" & the needle holes are not as visible. The Ikea one is matte enameled so I can't quite tell.

        2. Honest Eds had a non-enamel cast iron dutch oven about a week or two ago priced between 40-50. Take a look.

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          1. re: Rudiger

            Rudiger, do you happen to recall the brand? Given the price, I may check it out tomorrow. Tks.

            1. re: kmv37

              While Ed's has carried Lodge in the past, I think the dutch oven was a brand name I was not not familar with.

              I would also check Walmart if you have the time. I was in Buffalo last weekend and Walmart carried a variety of Lodge dutch ovens from 35-50 depending on the size. Hopefully the Canadian stores carry a similar selection (check in kitchenwares and camping).

              1. re: Rudiger

                I did went to Honest Ed yesterday. They do carry Lodge dutch oven but not the one with handles on both sides but with a loop. It's at $69.99. Next to the Lodge ones are some unfamiliar brand from China with similar loop handle (without the spiral) at $39.99. I did not get either of them due to the fact that once the dutch oven is filled with food and fluid, it may be too heavy for me to just use the handle with one hand :(

                Still hunting this combo dutch oven.

          2. I was on a hunt for a cast iron dutch oven a few years ago and eventually ended buying mine at Tap Phong Trading Company on Spadina. I can't remember how much it cost but if I bought it, it was dirt cheap. If you can't make it to Spadina, there is a store in the St. Lawrence Market that carries a large number of Lodge products and their prices are comparable to others. Not sure if they carry the dutch oven specifically, but I do know they carry a lot of Lodge. Also, try looking in the hardwarde stores....not Home Depot et al, but the smaller Home Hardward stores carry cast iron products.

            Good luck with your search.

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            1. re: Livingtoeat

              Thanks for the tips. Is yours pre-seasoned? What's the brand? I've been to Cook's Place, Honest Ed, Canadian Tire, Value village, Walmart, Ikea, Caynes etc. Williams Sonoma and Sears catalog has it but way out of my budget

              1. re: kmv37

                I know Costco had a Batali enameled dutch oven for $35, my mom bought it. I think the same one sold at Cayne's at around $100, so it was a really good deal. Costco is really hit and miss, but its worth at least taking a look on their website. HomeSense (Winners) might carry them too.

                1. re: bananasashimi

                  Costco do not have them (Warden / Ellesmere), but they do have a square ridged pan, enameled on the outside, 'raw' on the inside with a separate ridged panini press for $27. It's just a great deal.

                  Some Home Sense locations have a Tramontina enameled 5.5 (?) qt Dutch oven for $50. It's not what the OP requested, but maybe someone else will be interested.

                  1. re: bananasashimi

                    Important to keep in mind that what is in store and what is on the website are not the same thing. Generally, things that are in store are not on the website, and vice versa. At least, that has been my experience.

                  2. re: kmv37

                    My dutch oven was not pre-seasoned which is why is was so much less expensive than the Lodge products. I think it was approximately $30. It has no brand name on it anywhere but it does have three small handle on the outside near the top of the lip plus a handle that locks into two of the side handles so that you can carry it with hand.

                    As you have probably deduced, if you want a pre-seasoned product, you will have to pay extra. If you want to save some money, buy an un-seasoned pot and season it at home. There are really good instructions that can be easily found on the net.

                    Good luck!