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Jan 8, 2010 04:51 PM

Thai Elvis at Palm's Thai - Recent thoughts?

Hi gang,

I have a Houndish guest visiting L.A. from out of town this weekend, and she wants to see Thai Elvis perform. Maybe Sunday.

Anyone know what his stage schedule is like these days (When does he starts his performance? How long does the set last?)?

Foodwise, I've not been to Palm's Thai in over 2 years. Any advice? She is not averse to spicy, but I believe she is definitely more on the "farang" side when it comes to spicy food.

As always, Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Unless this "entertainer" has changed, he's awful. But, he has to have guts performing to a room of non-attentive diners.

    1. I haven't been in a very long time. I used to like the Thai Patsy Cline a whole lot better than the Thai Elvis, although neither one of them was good enough to make me want to eat there. You could always go, have something very simple and appetizerish and a beer, then go elsewhere - Jitlada or some other much better place for food - for dinner when the entertainment wears thin.

      1. The Thai Elvis is a good guy. Let's not get down on him. I remember seeing him over 15 years ago at a restaurant in Santa Monica. I don't know how old he is, but he gets up there every night and does his thing. After all these years, he still has a gig. He is my favorite "Foreign Elvis". Of course, I've never seen Elvis Phuong (a Vietnamese singer who named himself after the "other" Elvis).

        I remember seeing the "Thai Madonna" at the Thai Plaza many years ago. She sang and a man dressed like the devil chased her around the stage. Amazing!

        Does anybody know about any authentic Thai music at a restaurant? I'm a big fan of Thai/Lao music.

        1. We are big fans of the Palm's Thai and Thai Elvis!!!
          We used to go when it was further East on Hollywood Blvd. If you haven't been in awhile, it is now on the corner of Bronson & Hollywood Blvd.
          If you are lucky, read signs CAREFULLY and find street parking - which can be tricky - we usually opt for the valet parking.
          Entrance is on Bronson and is about $2.50 (plus a little tip for valets).
          Sam runs a well oiled machine! The room is large and hoppin'. The Palm's fare is consistent as is the entertainment. Green Papaya Salad is crisp, tangy and spicy. Vegetable curry is tasty and filling, especially on cold nights. Beef salad, soups, noodle dishes and curries are all consistent. We bring in out-of-towners as well as locals and they are always pleased and satisfied. That list includes thai food novices, finicky eaters and foodies. If your guest is sensitive to spice, order mild, as opposed to some other restaurants - if you ask for spicy, you WILL get it that way... Enjoy!
 is the website and you can call to make sure of schedule.