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Jan 8, 2010 04:41 PM

Indian in Portland

Was wondering where everyone goes for good Indian food in Portland. So far I've been to Jewel of India (in South Portland) for the lunch buffet, which is excellent. And also Bombay for dinner (also great).

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  1. We like Passage to India on Wharf Street in the Old Port. Tasty food at a very reasonable price. For take-out check the reviews, mostly positive, of Haggerty's on outer Forest.

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      Ditto to both of StevensAve's suggestions.

    2. I've only eaten at Hi Bombay, and it was a very long time ago. i thought it was pretty good. We ordered our meal and it came with this delicious coconut soup.
      For some reason I always seem to find Indian food to be rather pricey. At least in the sense the vegeterian and meat meals seem to always be about on par, whereas i would think the non-meat items would be less pricey, but they're not.

      1. LOVE Haggarty's. They have two tables, so you can eat there, though it will be with paper plates. Definitely a different type of Indian than the "traditional" restaurants....reminds me more of the Indian I have had in London. Very large portions.