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Jan 8, 2010 04:16 PM

smoked ham

I have a large(10lbs or so) smoked ham that i need to bring to a post holiday party buffet table. I have a 2hr ride there and am undecided on the best way to serve. I'm thinking about slicing it off the bone and laying it out on sheet pans, transporting, then heating it through at the party-givers home. The ham comes from my own home grown pig so I really want it to stay moist and delicious. Any advice on my possible method or different ideas out there? Thanks for your opinions!

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  1. Once you've sliced it you begin to lose that fresh juiciness, which is a problem I've always had with those spiral-cut hams. I know that wielding a big knife at a party (not to mention just taking it there) is a PITA, but perhaps you could slice down to the bone on the deep side and wrap it tightly with the slices in place, and then slice down the bone at the party. The other thing to think about, of course, is the presentation: that big home-grown ham would look awfully grand on that table!

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      I have definately thought of the presentation aspect . So you think if I heat it through(300 for a couple hours?) and wrap the heck out of it will retain heat for awhile? The real kicker is that I will be arriving at the party house hours before actual party. Its a one oven house and I'm sure it will be busy all day and not have room for my ham. I'm realizing that I should have thought this through before jumping on an opportunity to show off my pig. Sigh.

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        Ham (and other meats) have traditionally been served on buffets just warm, rather than piping hot. In the old days this was out of necessity; foods were prepared and tabled, so that other dishes could be prepared in their turn. The dishes were covered to keep the bugs (and greedy little fingers) off, and then uncovered at service time. I've eaten from a lot of party buffets in the South, and this included an awful lot of room-temperature ham and beef tenderloin. The biscuits and cornbread were typically the hottest items on the table!

    2. Sorry to piggy-back (no pun intended) on your post, but I plan to serve a smoked ham at a brunch in a couple weeks. I don't have a home-grown ham, plan to buy it at a local Amish market. My question is, do you just heat it, or do you put a glaze on it?

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        By the way, I think your ham will be delicious, even at room temperature, if necessary.

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          my hams come with the pig skin still on them so as it cooks and shrinks it kind of wiggles its way up off the ham...that had never happened to me before. So now i dont bother glazing because the skin comes off anyway, but in the past I used straight pure maple syrup...always delicious!