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Jan 8, 2010 03:45 PM

first big night out after a cleanse! suggestions?

so after a long and food-filled trip to NY for the holidays, the bf and I decided to abstain from carbs & alcohol (including wine). tonight is our first big night back in LA where we can have a real meal and real drinks!!! (I'M SO EXCITED! i love bread, pasta & rice, so this has been hard!)

Where would you eat after a week of torture like the one I just finished? We're really open to all kinds of food so all suggestions are welcome. We're on the Westside though, and the bf hates driving past La Brea Ave. on Friday nights (NIGHTMARE). But that's the only restriction.


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  1. I love Beacon in Century City, but it isn't too carb heavy if that is what you are after. Yikes, a week of no carbs and booze, why torture yourself like that?

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      Beacon is in Culver City, not Century City. Near Father's Office (Helms).

      ... a good suggestion.

    2. For me it would be PIZZERIA MOZZA but that is east of La Brea.

      1. It does sound like Italian would fit your desire. I recently had lunch at Il Moro at Olympic and Purdue - a couple of blocks west of Sawtelle on the south side of Olympic. It had great pasta, good bread, a good wine list, a bar. I haven't been there for dinner, but I imagine it's pretty good.