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Who has the best french onion soup in nyc ?

Looking to find out what restaurant has the best french onion soup in nyc

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  1. if you like cheese, try Artisanal. Not sure if the soup is the best in town but it certainly is good!

    1. Don't know how "French" it is, but I love the crock of Onion and Porter (and lots of cheese) soup at the Waterfront Ale House (Brooklyn & Manhattan). Wish I had some today.

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        Agreed. The soup is surprisingly amazing.

      2. Thanks...wen to Artisanal, but they were under renovation and had no onion soup on the menu ! So went to Balthazar....as always delicious. Will have to try the soup at Artisanal and the Waterfront Ale house. Thanks.

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          are they really renovating? are they still open??

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            Still open...limited menu...and I believe goes back to full service/full menu tomorrow I would call and double check if ur planning on going in the next few days

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              Yes they are still open...running a limited menu. I believe they are supposed to be back to full service/full menu tomorrow. If you are planning on going within the next few days, I would call and make sure.

            2. i thought the onion soup at waterfront ale house in manhattan was awful. i went just for the soup on a cold snowy day, i was so upset. it tasted like i was drinking pure beef broth. sorry i have to disagree.

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                Completely agree with WAH. The place has fallen off dramatically the food is awful. The best FOS I ever had was at Les Halles.

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                  I've never had the FOS at either WAH location, but the common wisdom (and my own informed opinion) is that the food at the brooklyn location is significantly better than the manhattan one.

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                    Gotta say I'm surprised as I've always found it deep and rich.

                    1. I think perhaps Les Halles or Artisanal. Also had a very good one at Pastis. Of note, recently at Les Halles they served us an onion soup with practically no cheese on top. No joke. It looked as if some grated cheese had been sprinkled on top. It did not form a solid layer. When it arrive I asked, "what is this?" "Its the onions soup." I assured the waiter it wasn't like any of the other more than dozen onion soups I had eaten there in the many years I have gone and he didn't say, "Sorry" or "I'll check what happened" but simply removed it and a couple mins later returned with the real deal. In fact, that entire night at LH was a bit of a wash. The place was packed and the kitchen could not keep up with the food orders.

                      Also, La Bonne Soupe, on west 55th, believe it or not, has a heck of a good onions soup.

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