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Jan 8, 2010 03:11 PM

Advice Needed: Non-Lamb Dishes at Evvia

I've always ordered the lamb chops at Evvia, but I'm going there for dinner with someone who doesn't eat lamb/goat. I remember their fish being very unspectacular. Are there any good options? Thanks!!!

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  1. I've enjoyed the salmon in the past, but my FIL was less enamored with the roasted whole fish. But he is an odd duck, so not sure whether to take his opinion or not. They cook their salmon rather rare - or at least the times I have ordered it it has been. I rather enjoyed it that way.

    I haven't tried the ravioli, which is one of the other dishes without any lamb.

    The gigantes on the appetizer menu were good - not the best I have had, but good.

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      we had the grilled artichoke/eggplant skewer as an app and it was very good.
      I've had both the rib-eye steak and the chicken - both are good although it's been a while since i typically get lamb dishes at evvia

    2. It's been awhile but I remember their roasted chicken was pretty good, i.e., it wasn't a hotel banquet meal.

      1. Dude! Sardines! (on menu as smelts - so I imagine they are smelts).

        It's a HUGE pile for an appetizer. That plus the octopus is more than a single person can eat. I haven't had the octopus, but it's a great medeteranian dish (I've loved it in portugal), so I'd gravitate there.

        But wait, the Smelts are only on the lunch menu? Maybe you can beg.

        I think they usually source them locally, and there's some mumbling about the Sardines moving north because of El Nino, so they might not be as good *right now*.

        Looking at the current menu, I'd choose the goat if I wasn't having lamb. But I don't know why your friend is anti-lamb - taste? cute-factor?

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          We just ate there last week, and crispy smelts are on the menu as apps - and they were very good. Someone ordered the chicken, which was good. I had the halibut and it was just okay. I've had the branzino before and it was blah, but then I've never had a good branzino anywhere (and I love fish). Too bad your friend doesn't like lamb, because the lamb chops were the best things on the menu. I've had the rotisserie lamb before, but it was dried out. Next best thing on the menu was the custard-filled filo cigars - everyone fought for those.

          1. re: Claudette

            Yeah, fish unremarkable, except for the smelts. Mmm, smelts.

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              Yes, MMMM Smelts. Similar to these fish are something even more remarkable, the wonderful Shishamo from Hokkaido in Japan, small fish which show up grilled in Japanese breakfast. They are often gravid with roe and make a great substitute for bacon, although they are a fair measure fattier it seems, though fish fat doesn't seem to have the impact that bacon fat does, apparently.

              There are versions sent to Japan from Norway which are far less expensive, but they do not taste the same.