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Mar 25, 2005 08:27 PM

Argentinian in Van Nuys INCREDIBLE

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A friend of mine who was born in Argentina took me to a great place in Van Nuys for lunch today... Mercado Buenos Aires on Sepulveda. The food was absolutely drop dead great and the prices were low for what you get. We were having lunch, so I had a couple of homemade Argentine sausages, a salad with tomatos, fresh basil and mozzerella. and a couple of empanadas. Someone there ordered a meat sampler for $20 that came to the table on a hibachi. Next time, I'm definitely going to try that. Filet mignon for two was $16 and they had a great breaded skirt steak milanesa too. They had a fresh meat counter, bakery counter and empanadas to go.

Mercado Buenos Aires
7542 Sepulveda Bl
818 786.0522

This is one of those "you have to be from there to know about it" kind of ethnic places.

See ya


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  1. Very genuine, not dumbed down.

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    1. re: brwencino

      Not knowing much about Argentinian food, could you explain a bit more what to expect as genuine versus dumbed-down? TIA.

      1. re: vidia

        When you go there you will see that it is an Argentinian grocery store and meat market as well as a sandwich/deli place. The people who own and operate it are Argentinian, the food is Argentinian (lots of meats), the music is Argentian and many of the customers are too. It's like going to a Korean retaurant in Korea Town with a mostly Korean customer base vs. going to a hipster place on Melrose/Sunset Strip/Larchmont Place/3rd St. Prominade/Colorado Blvd/Abbot Kenny for "Korean food"--dumbed down.

        1. re: brwencino

          My question was more chow related - what is real Argentinian food as opposed to the dumbed down version - the spicing, the accompaniments, what?

          1. re: vidia
            Professor Salt

            You're probably better off to start a new thread in General Topics where more savvy people are likely to see it, rather than pursue the inquiry in this thread.

            1. re: Professor Salt
              Steve Doggie-Dogg

              ...or just go to Mercado Buenos Aires and taste authenticity for yourself. They have pictures on the wall of the various dishes, and the wait staff is very helpful, so no advance research is necessary.

              See ya


    2. Steve, thanks for the heads up on this place. Checked it out tonight, food was really good. Had the chicken milanesa, very tasty and not dry at all. Also came with a nice salad and excellent fries. Picked up some chicken & beef empanadas to go (lunch tomorrow).

      I also like Buenos Aires Grill in Northridge (Corbin & Nordhoff), they have really good food, it's a little more expensive, a little more upscale and they serve beer & wine. They also have a largely Argentinian clientele.

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      1. re: markn

        aside from the lack of service, this place is the best Argentinian EVAR!

      2. I work around the corner from this place and really like their empanadas, I've also had their garlic chicken plate as well as the milanesa which are both very, very good. The table has several spice/oil accoutrements to enjoy with the tasty bread served with your meal. One is tomatoes and onion with a garlic infused oil which is to die for...really good stuff. The sandwiches and salads are also excellent, everything is very fresh. Only downside is the service, usually only have 1 or 2 wait staff for the entire place and the food takes time. Not a quick bite place to go. But do go, it's worth it.

        1. Went again last night and I guess the owner read this post or something because the service was for once pretty good. The waiter was quick and prompt and for once I left the place feeling good about the service. Their chimichurri is to die for, for anyone who's been know should know. I also tried the Yerba Mate soda called "Materba" which was decadent! Does anyone know where I can buy it at a decent price?

          1. For materva try catalina market on western south of santa monica blvd. also carniceria argentina on victory just w of colfax.

            as well carniceria argentina has great to go stuff, including an argentine style fugazzetta (spelling?). pizza,calzone like, not surprizing given the huge italian population in Argentina (peron was originally peroni).

            In that mode, catalina market has very good frozen agnolotti for heat/serve at home.