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best white sliced bread?

sometimes I just like white sliced bread for a sandwich but specially for toast. Please help find me a brand that is not like cardboard with air, does not collapse, the crusts don't peel off, doesn't stick to the roof of my mouth and isn't sweet. My last Winn Dixie loaf was horrendous and was all of the above without being sweet.

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  1. "Winn Dixie" tells me you're in a part of the world where SF-style sourdough does not exist. Pepperidge Farm used to have a homestyle white that was nice and firm, but the slices were too thin and I think that's yet another product they cut from their line. If you have access to Trader Joe's stores, they have an excellent selection of white breads, including a special toasting bread that is truly wonderful. When I was a kid in smalltown Illinois my mom got tired of buying balloon bread and started baking, then had to give it up because we loved it so much she was having to bake three times a week. It seems that not a lot has changed since then, but keep looking. Nashville used to be a similar wasteland, and now there are TWO excellent artisanal bread bakeries there (Provence and Bread & Company). Unfortunately, they don't ship - I know, because I asked!

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      thanks Will, I am in South Fl and there is no Trader Joes. I am limited to Albertsons, Publix and Winn Dixie. There are few real bakeries around but I just want to be able to pick up a white loaf in the supermarket sometimes and am not always in the mood for a wholewheat loaf.

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        Of course purely subjective, but Martins Potato Bread is soft and tasty. Their 100% whole wheat is a little better but not like ww, tastes more like white bread. Publix has both. These are NOT artisanal type breads.

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          martin's potato bread is too squishy-soft, and is sweet.

          i love the martin's dinner rolls for bbq, though.

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          Publix has a few sandwich breads at the in-store bakery. One is called White Mountain, there's also a sourdough and a potato bread. I'm partial to their crusty baguettes - Cuban and French.

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          A lot of people have mentioned the Pepperidge Farm Thin-sliced white - and I agree that it is very good, and was the first thing I thought about when I came across this thread. I'm pretty sure they carry it at Winn Dixie too - being from Louisiana, we have WD, and I've seen it all over town, so unless it's one of those items that Rouse's carries that they don't, WD should have it.

          I'm excited to try their hearty white now that I've heard of it - thanks for starting this thread!

        4. Nature's Own. http://www.whitewheat.com/ww_Varietie...

          The Costco in-house "Kirkland" brand is also very good when it comes to white bread.

          1. Are you anywhere near a Whole Foods? I'm hooked on their pain au levain.

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              ain't no whole foods in s.w. florida.

            2. I like the Pepperidge Farm soft oatmeal bread...it's excellent for toast, and has a little more texture than regular white bread so it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth.

              1. If you are willing to order bread by mail, Zingerman's Bakehouse White bread is phenomenal. I don't know if they market it on their website but if you call, they will certainly set you up with a loaf. It's flavorful with a good balance of sweet and savory and has a nice buttery taste. It's not cheap, but I order it once a year or so to remind myself what white bread can taste like. I spend the rest of the year trying to recreate it-- so far, the Cook's Illustrated bread is close, but not quite as good.

                1. Aunt Hatti's buttermilk is my fav.

                  Do they still make the Pepperidge Farm thin sliced white? Used to buy it frozen, made the best breakfast toast. Haven't seen it in years.

                  1. Arnold's "Brick Oven" White.

                    We don't make sandwiches with white bread. The only time I buy a loaf like this is to make toast points. This rich, dense, almost buttery-tasting loaf makes wonderful, thin slices of perfect toast. We cut the crusts off, but you can leave them on.

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                      Yes, the Arnold's brand is good. Here is Shaogo's recommendation: http://arnold.bimbobakeriesusa.com/Pr... I don't know if I've seen that at Publix or Winn-Dixie. I like the Arnold's Country White: http://arnold.bimbobakeriesusa.com/Pr...

                      easily available all over S. Florida.

                      Also, Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse White: http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/Product...

                      But the Arnold's is the best -- even for summer tomato sandwiches (OK, it's a toss-up with Wonderbread for drippy tomato sandwiches).

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                        i checked for the arnold's brick oven white at my harris teeter and didn't find it, although they have the country white.

                        shaogo, how would you compare the flavor and texture of the two?

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                          I don't buy the Country White nor anything like it.

                          What distinguishes Brick Oven White is its almost cake-like consistency -- it's very dense -- with a yellow color to the sponge. It has an almost buttery flavor to it. Brick Oven White is to "Sandwich White" as Town House Crackers are to saltines. Does that make it a better comparison?

                          Anyway, Brick Oven White is also sliced very thinly, and I'll repeat myself by saying it's the bread of choice for finger sandwiches and toast points -- with the crusts removed (well, the OP doesn't have to).

                          Alkapal's right -- when the tomatoes are sweet, ripe and drippy get out some homemade mayonnaise, the salt and pepper shaker and toast up some of the Arnold Brick Oven bread. I can eat four of them in one sitting.

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                            Country White is what my husband used to like until I talked him into Country Wheat, for health reasons. But I think it's the larger size of the Country line that he likes as much as the flavor. Thin bread doesn't cut it (ha ha) for him.

                            When I was a kid, my Mom always bought Arnold Giraffe bread that was that yellow color, my friends would come over and ask for a slice it was so good.

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                              >>> Brick Oven White is to "Sandwich White" as Town House Crackers are to saltines. Does that make it a better comparison?<<<

                              got it!

                              1. re: alkapal

                                alkapal! You didn't need the comparison. You *always* know what I'm talking about! One of these days you and me are gonna be let loose in a kitchen together and I'd hazard a guess memorable flavors will be created.

                                1. re: shaogo

                                  it might've been harder to figure out if, say, you'd said, it's like a ritz cracker compared with a town house cracker. ;-)).

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                                Arnolds BRICK OVEN White Bread is indeed, in my opinion, one of the best, if not THE best commercially bagged breads available. HOWEVER, I now live south of the Mason-Dixon line (in SW Virginia) and it's not distributed in the "south." Seems like it's a "northern" thing (although it may be available in the West and/or Mid-West...I don't know. Sadly, however, it's not available where I now live. (Seems like most here like the "swishy" breads. Agh!) When we visit family back in NJ we always buy a half dozen of the 2 pound loaves and freeze them for future use.

                          2. Pepperidge Farms makes a good bread for a commercial bread. Their hearty white is soft but substantial. I just picked up a loaf of their sourdough white for sandwiches. I remember that old very thin white that they used to sell. It made great toast but not so good for a sandwich.

                            I'm no bread snob, so I'm happy to use commercial bread for sandwiches but I like bread too much to eat that wonder bread kind of stuff.

                            WalMart of all places now sells Pepperidge Farm, if you are looking for it. It was one third cheaper there than at the supermarket.

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                              I second the Pepperidge Farm nomination. I just bought a loaf for the meatloaf sandwiches we will be having tomorrow.

                            2. Best we've found is Raley's Bodega Bay Buttermilk bread. Stays fresh as long as we have it opened, about 3-5 days The bread's filling, not air and fluff, and it makes the best peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches.

                              1. Smartie, I'm not familiar with the demographics of your area, but an alternative to supermarkets is the bread available by the loaf in Italian bakeries. You can buy a loaf whole to slice to your preference or get it sliced there.

                                Up here (in Mass) we have Scali bread, which we can get with or without sesame seeds on top. It's light and delicious. I've seen it all over the Northeast, and if you have any Italian bakeries, you might be able to get something like it.

                                If you can't, +1 to Pepperidge Farm. When we ate white bread often, that was our brand.

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                                  1. re: pinehurst

                                    AHHHH! SCALI BREAD!
                                    Lived in MA for 45yrs before moving to AZ 8yrs ago. If I had realized at the time I would NEVER be able to eat scali bread again I most likely wouldn't have made the move.
                                    Toasted scali in the morning with butter and thin slices of provolone cheese to nibble with each bite of scali toast. Fluffer-Nutter sandwiches as a kid on scali bread, beef stew with a whole loaf of scali bread to sop up the gravy, or manasta soup. GAWD I miss that tasty little loaf!

                                  2. Can't be much help unless you have a friend in the Saginaw, Michigan area. A local brand, Spatz's is the closest thing I've found to home made when it comes to making toast. It has that yeasty aroma and flavor that you just never find in most commercial bread. I have never found anything that even approaches it. It's wonderful.

                                    1. I just bought Demsters Farmhouse and I think this will be my new go-to white loaf store bought bread.
                                      Has a good substantial presence, delicious in a sandwich..slightly sweet...I'm in Canada, so not sure if this is a local brand, but first time I've seen it in the supermarket...