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Jan 8, 2010 02:30 PM

Anyone have a Pittsburgh BYOB rec that's OPEN ON MONDAY? (e)


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  1. You don't specify what you want, but I'm assuming you're looking for more formal dining...

    You could try Avenue B @ 5501 Centre Ave. Pretty good food, BYOB, and at least their website says they're open Monday 5-10pm. ( More info from me at

    I also seem to remember that Six Penn has a night where they waive their BYOB fee... can't remember what night that is, but it may very well be Monday. Le Pommier may be another one with BYOB on Mondays.

    Cafe du Jour may be a possibility, but can't find their hours at the moment.

    Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but Thai Cuisine is one of my favorite BYOB for a simple Monday night. Another non-traditional BYOB is Chaya which is also open on Monday. People's Indian or Pho Minh are other (local for me) go-to places for a Monday night BYOB.

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      My cousin and I had a lot of fun taking some Sake to Chaya. We had a very good meal there!

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        We actually decided on Le Pommier before I read these replies and had a great time. You are correct - Modays is BYOB at le Pommier. Nice dinner.

        I've been wanting to go to Avenue B but called and they said they are NOT open on Mondays so had to pass (although I see that the web site says they are - weird?). Will check out your recs and the others in the future.

      2. You're probably looking for downtown, but gonna throw this one your way anyhow... KousKous in Mt. Lebanon (right off the trolley stop). Been open about a month, but very good classic Moroccan. The bastilla is exceptional as is the harira and every traditional dish we've tried so far.

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