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Jan 8, 2010 01:44 PM

Arthur Avenue Bakeries? Favorite breads, pastries, cookies.......

Ok-I know that Madonia Bakery on Arthur Avenue has great 7-grain baguette and round loaves.
I also know that they have very good double chocolate biscotti and delicious savory toasts. I know because I have purchased these things and loved them.

But there are quite a few bakeries in the area--each one must have its strengths. So instead of trying every single thing in every bakery,I thought I would ask here:

What are your favorite AA-area beads, cookies, and pastries?

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  1. the freshly filled cannoli at Modonia was excellent, even if they didn't wear gloves and then took your money..--I tried several things at Egidio, Palombo, Dellilo's--average at best, and not fresh--have a particular grudge against crunchy dried out italian cookies..but other stuff was so-so----Mazipan Cinnamon cookie at Gino's though was good----I was surprised by the amount of bakeries and no real standouts...

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      Specialties by bakery.

      ADDEO: Seeded long bread, Round Pane di Casa, Club rolls, Lard bread (Thur. & Fri. only), Frizelle, Bread sticks.
      MADONIA: Specialty breads, Braided bread, Ciabatta bread, Cannolis, Cookies
      TERRANOVA: Pane di Casa (authentic)
      ARTHUR AVE. BAKERY: Very commercial breads
      ARTUSO: Freshest pastry & cakes
      EGIDIO, PALOMBO: Nothing special
      DELILLO: Italian Ices, St. Joseph's Zeppole & Sfingi (Mar. & Apr.)
      GINO'S: Commercial cookies & pastry
      MARRONE: Don't know

      1. re: JohnAM

        John that is great--I have my work but out for me now. I was in the area yesterday and stopped into Egidio but saw nothing to tempt me, so it was interesting in your take on this place as well as some of the others.

        Fourunder: To each his own, but for me, the area is great for food shopping due to the concentration of so many stores in one relatively small area. Although not strong on the fruits and vegetables, I can find almost anything else I need in order to create great food at home--great cheeses, exceptional pastas, good meats and probably good fish (actually I have no first hand experience with the fish), good salumi, olives, etc.

        I guess it depends on what you have accessible in your particular area.

        On a related note, Teitel had some very good semi-dried red peppers for $5.49 per pound. Really tasty. Not from Italy,though. And their prices on canned Italian San Marzanos are by far the best I've ever seen in the NY area--under $3 per can.

        1. re: erica

          in the indoor market i do the veggies next to mikes the back door of the market.. buy a 3 lb box of fresh shitake- $20..also good eggplant, figs when in season, look around..its limited but good

          1. re: intrepid

            I think the fresh fruits and vegetables are hit and miss. They do have items that are not usual in my area--cardoons, for example, but last week when I checked, the produce looked terrible--wilted greens, etc. I have to check back when eggplant and tomatoes are in season, and of course I will try to find fresh figs!

            What else is good in the indoor market--any of the other stands? The butcher (Pete's) looked good.

            What are your favorite butchers?

            1. re: erica

              The produce is definitely hit-or-miss, but is usually worth at least checking out. I wouldn't go there just for produce, but if I'm shopping in the area, I'll take a look-see.

              For butchers, I think the best veal is at Biancardi's; their stuffed porkchops are also terrific. Vincent's also has its fans.

              1. re: erica

                hi perhaps last week after new year, not a good week to valuate,, petes good, biancardi on the ave good...mikes deli in market ...oppposite wall from mikes deli where they sell oils, pastas condiments etc good...lunch counter in corner by this area good hot foods not big on butchers stopped eating meats a long time ago, once i got educated and matured lololo....enjoy

                1. re: erica

                  You will be surprised to find that Modern Food Market on Arthur Ave. has a great selection of fresh vegetables. Years ago Arthur Ave. and 187th St. had dozens of fruit and vegetable stores that extended out on to the side walk.

                  I think Biancardi's Meat Market is number 1 but you will find that Peter's and Vincent's also have great meats.

            2. re: JohnAM

              Nice list. Additions? :Love the provolone bread at Madonia, and the sfogliatelle at Morrone's and De Lilo's (best purchased in the morning).

            3. re: janie

              I was surprised by the amount of bakeries and no real standouts...
              Sorry to say, but this is my opinion of Arthur Avenue in general....

              1. re: fourunder

                You know, we once ate at Mario's: the food was fine but the bread was out of this world. When I asked the waiter, after the obligatory "if I tell you, I'll have to kill you" he admitted it was from Cardinale's over by City Island. Always want to stop on the way home but never have the time or energy after a full day shopping on the Avenue!