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Jan 8, 2010 12:28 PM

Gotchya's (Saratoga Springs)

Not much on this board about Gotchya's. We went for the first time based on a rec. Casual atmosphere. We didn't have a reservation and it was pretty crowded. Luckily there was a no show. We sat towards the back of the room so it wasn't too drafty. Looks like they have another room behind bar area (different room than bar, booth and table area where we sat). Hostess did double duty as a server. Service was fine, not rushed.

We ordered a reasonably priced red and had a small caesar salad and calamari for apps. A few of the calamari were a little chewy, otherwise nicely breaded and cooked perfectly. Bread was simple, fresh and very good.

For entrees we had carbonara and amatriciana (fettucini with carmelized onions, hot cherry peppers). Appreciate that the kitchen accomodated my request to leave the bacon off my amatriciana. Big pasta portions, we took leftovers home.

All the entrees and pasta dishes were under $20. Good food at a reasonable price. We will definitely go back. I may have finally found a good Italian restaurant near Ballston Lake that takes reservations. Not sure why they have kielbasa and pierogi on the menu?

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  1. I love Gotchya's, although they've gone through some rough transitions with chefs, and with deciding just what they wanted to be (they used to sell fresh pasta for home cooks, then tried pizza, for two examples). When I have a jones for a simple pasta dish, this is my place. In addition, there's a little sentiment, since it occupies the space occupied until the late 70s by DeRossi's a wonderful old-school old-Saratoga restaurant.

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      I have fond memories of dining outdoors at DeRossi's during the summer. Still know some of the family members. Gotchya's does a good job. Or you can go up the block to The Local for some good beer and homey comfort food.

    2. Any one know what's happening with Gotchya's? In the neighborhood tonight and when we went to have dinner there saw all the yellow tape and a for sale sign on the building.

      As a result, we ended up at the Local (a hound rec from some time ago) and had a delicious casual dinner (burger with smoked gouda & jalapenos, grilled chicken on flatbread with pesto and fresh mozzarella, local fries) with excellent service.

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        In Saratoga, Gotchya's, Sperry's, and Marino's have all been for sale for a very long time. Gotchya's is not open on Sunday or Monday, when you went. I'm guessing the tape had to do with keeping people off the porch during Sunday's "Mardi Gras" festival.

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          gerchak198, thanks so much. It's one of our favorite casual, inexpensive dinner places.

      2. Went to Gotchya's.

        Sliced foccacia was very good.

        Reasonable choices on wine list.

        Had the calamari again. Good, not great (especially in comparison to Bloomer's and Saratoga National's).

        SO had a pasta dish. Something creamy with chicken and shrimp. Large portion, brought some home.

        I had the amatriciana again. Very good. Large portion and ate it all this time . . .

        We had a cannoli for dessert. The shell was crispy but tasted stale or rancid. Maybe the oil? To be fair, we didn't let them know as we were happy with our coffee and just ate the ricotta/marscarpone filling.

        Reasonable pricing, fun and lively atmosphere. A little cold because there's not much separation between dining room (beyond bar area) and front door.

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          Drove by recently. Gotchya's is closed. What's there now?

          Still for rent/sale . . .