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Looking for good chow near Spa Castle in College Point

My husband and I love going to Spa Castle in College Point but the food there is beyond pitiful. Can anyone recommend some nearby joints that we coudl swing by on the way home after a day in the hot tubs?

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  1. Here is a link to some places. The old Five Corners is now an Irish Pub called Merseyside. I haven't been there yet.

    The Merseyside Pub
    13-46 127th St, Queens, NY 11356

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      we tried the Merseyside using a Restaurant.com coupon - it was horrible!

      We arrived around 6pm on a Saturday night- to find the chef hanging at the bar - thank god - customers - you're my first ones all day - uhh oh!

      very greasy pubgrub..... they altered our orders because they ran out of a few things - w/out even asking us

    2. 10 minutes away in Whitestone, Queens...VESUVIO OF WHITESTONE..149th Street & 12th Avenue..718 767 4730 for exceptional Italian food...also 10 minutes or so away in Flushing is MAGNA MODERN ITALIAN in the MARCO HOTEL on Farrington Street right off of Northern Blvd...PArking is easy at VESUVIO but tougher at MAGNA....but the food at MAGNA is lighter for a post spa meal....there is a parking lot next door if you cannot snag an empty spot on Northern or Farrington....and of course there are many options in Flushing Chinatown..and two dependable Japanese/Sushi places in Whitestone

      12-02 149th St, Queens, NY 11357

      35-25 Farrington St, Queens, NY 11354

      1. If you like asian food, I go to Akiyama's (13216 14th Avenue) for Japanese sushi/noodles. It's in the CVS shopping mall across the street from Chase.

        132-16 14th Ave, Queens, NY 11356

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          I will not go to Akiyama anymore. Although their sushi is delicious but they are not honest and disloyal to their customers. They charge you on everything. Even on the soup and salad that you're supposed to get with the entree. Haven't said that, I will not spend another penny in that place ever again.

        2. Five Guys is in the shopping center right down the street from Spa Castle. Or, you could drive into Whitestone Village and eat at Tasty Grill (Greek food), Villagio (Italian), or Vesuvio (Italian). Cascarinos College Point and Cascarinos Whitestone are also both not far from Spa Castle.

          14-60 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

          150-07 14th Rd, Queens, NY 11357

          Tasty Grill
          14-22 150th St, Queens, NY 11357

          1. Good spicy Sichuan food, Little Pepper in College Point http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/766257

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              Amen - some of the best in the city. Not to be confused with their hot pot resto in flushing (which is fine, but plain old hot pot). Don't miss the cumin lamb. There's a pork dish with ginger and rice crisps also not to be missed.

            2. Oh well, I liked the Korean food at spa castle. Go figure.

              1. By coincidence, I had lunch in College Point yesterday. Took my family to try out The Buffet (http://thebuffet-ny.com/index.php) for the first time. We were very pleased with the experience.

                First of all, the dining room was nice. Lots of windows and spacious. Everything was very clean.

                Food was on par with Harvest Buffet and Minado. I'm not a sushi connosieur but I enjoyed the few pieces of sushi that I tried. There were also slices of red snapper and salmon, along with raw oysters and boiled shrimp. The hot food section had the usual suspects. I didn't try everything but my favorites were the fish balls, flounder fillet, black chicken soup, and chocolate fountain. Their web site lists a lot of dishes under the menu section. That must be a list of rotating dishes because their serving area does not have room for all the listed dishes.

                Also, the meal includes free drinks. I had a made to order taro bubble tea that was very good. And they have a cotton candy machine which delighted all the kids there.