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Jan 8, 2010 11:52 AM

Looking for cheap quality places to eat in Miami/Dade.

I recently moved to Miami to attend JWU. Looking for quality places to eat as the cafeteria at school is not very good. I eat almost any type of food but i have been having a craving for good tacos lately.

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  1. Real Mexican is not a strong suit for Miami. My favorite tacos in town are from the Orale cart which usually parks at a gas station on NW 27th Avenue north of SR 836 during the week. Up near JWU, Cheen-Huaye on Biscayne Blvd. a little south of 163rd St. has good Yucatanean Mex though it's a full sit-down restaurant, not a taco shop. Closer to JWU, You can try Verdaddy's Taco Shop on Biscayne Blvd. just south of 79th Street and form your own opinion if you wish. A couple of my old reliables for up in North Miami -

    - Hiro's Yakko-San - excellent Japanese izakaya (tapas style), very reasonable prices
    - Gourmet Diner - bistro French in a 50s diner

    Hong Kong Noodles on 163rd St. is far from the best dim sum I've ever had but it's cheap. There's a Chinese BBQ place along that stretch as well that's been recommended, some folks also like Sang's.

    Some other good suggestions for Aventura/NMB area here ->

    If you are willing to venture further south to North Beach / MiMo, I've made a map of several possibilities ->

    A couple in particular that jump to mind ->

    Red Light on Biscayne Blvd. has very good food for the prices (lots of small dishes under $10, almost nothing over $20).
    Japanese Market / Sushi Deli on 79th Street Causeway has excellent sushi and cheap lunch specials (teriyaki salmon or curry beef w rice and salad for like $6).

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      Hey, Frod...

      as a newbie to the area I took your rec for Hiro's and was the rock star of the week with my dining companions...really great! Chili shrimp, hamachi, and super good noodles.


      and to the OP: bad food at JWU cafeteria is pretty funny...let's hope the graduates aren't doing the cooking!

      1. re: puddnpie

        its some third party company, and its your typical bad cafeteria food. all deep fried with little to no flavor.

    2. We eat often at King Palace in NMB. 330 NE 167th St, telephone 305,949.2339.
      Extensive menu with lots of Chinese BBQ. We love their shrimp with walnuts, sea bass with yellow chives, shrimp wonton noodle soup and especially the special combination hot pot. Last visit we had the silver fish with vegetables and it was very tasty. Friendly service and prices. IMHO best Miami equivalent to Chinatown in SF, NYC and Toronto.

      We also enjoy Il Piccolo 2112 Northeast 123rd Street, North Miami, FL 33181-2902
      (305) 893-6538. Lunch portions are huge and easily shared. Prices are fair. Owners are French and the menu has pastas, salads and sandwiches. Never see any tourists there, just locals from North Miami.

      El Palacio de los Jugos on the east side of Biscayne Blvd. in the 130's (sorry I do not have the exact address or phone and neither does Google! ) is a Cuban cafeteria. Very cheap with good portions of hearty Cuban fare. Very close to Johnson and Wales.

      Captain Jim's Seafood has a fish market and restaurant at 12950 West Dixie Highway
      North Miami, FL 33161-4810, 305.892.2810. Fresh fish and great conch fritters.

      Hope this helps.

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      1. re: rebus1805

        thanks for the restaurant recommendations. king palace sounds really good and ill definitely hit the others up as well. Does El Palacio de los Jugos serve cuban sandwiches? My Dad and Brother tell me those are amazing, but I have yet to try one.

        1. re: Tobylevine

          Not certain if they serve sandwiches.

      2. The original comment has been removed