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Jan 8, 2010 11:33 AM

Once Again So little Time

Heading down the last week in January. Only have enough time for 2 dinners and 2 lunches. help me pick!! I was down in October and I went to Bistro Daisy, but I was a little drunk and too full from lunch so I only ordered an appetizer, the rest of the group LOVED it so I want to go there one night, so that leaves 1 dinner and 2 lunches. I love rich food, French Creole, I love sweetbreads, gumbo, duck. foie gras, shrimp, veal, escargot and frog legs. I was wondering if MR B's for lunch would fit the bill? Here are some restaurants I have been to on some of my other trips to NOLA.
Le Petit Grocery
I hope the weather warms up. last January I was there and the weather was great! Thanks for all your suggestions!!

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  1. Sorry I didn't realize the first post went through, Ididn't see it till after I reposted..Sorry hounds!!

    1. Sweetbreads, Clancy's or La Crepe Nanou.
      Duck, Cuvee.
      French-Creole, frog legs, Bistro at Maison Deville.
      Veal, Clancy's or Eleven 79.

      1. Are you trying to avoid repeating, other than Bistro Daisy?

        Here are some lunch suggestions:
        Cochon or, for fantastic sandwiches, Cochon Butcher
        Mr. B's (though my last visit was disappointing, even the Gumbo Ya-Ya)
        August has a great 3-course weekday lunch
        Domenica for pizza

        Restaurant Patois
        Le Meritage

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          I forgot to mention I have been to Patois, it was the last restaurant I ate in October in NOLA actually, I thought it was very good. I cancelled my reservations last January for Gautreau's maybe I should try to go this time. How do you think it compares to Bistro Daisy???

        2. The menu at Bistro Daisy changes quite often. If you're hoping to enjoy something your friends had, it might not be available. I prefer Coquette. Don't miss their creative cocktails. August is open for lunch with 3 courses $20. A bargain. Emeril's has 3 courses for lunch $19.50. Ala carte as well. "Carbonara" with clams.shrimp and housemade pancetta is excellent as is the fried chicken and corn waffles. IMO, both of these are far better than Mr. B's.

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            The problem I am running into is finding someplace really good that is open on Monday, I have decided against Gautreau's with so many mixed reviews and everyone is saying that for the price there are so many better places. August isn't open for lunch on Monday or Tuesday. Coquette is closed also. What about Luke???

            1. re: kittykatkid

              Are you sure August isn't open? I've had lunch there twice on Mondays.

              1. re: kittykatkid

                Herbsaint should be open for Monday lunch. Bacco is also open for Monday lunch; so is Domenica.; not sure about Le Meritage, but you might check. I like Luke, too, but think Herbsaint is better if you don't mind repeating. Ans, yes, I'd prefer lunch at almost any of the mentioned favorites over my last experience at Mr. B's.
                As far as Bistro Daisy, I love it. Also love Coquette. But I also love Gautreau's. And find the three similar-ish.
                JazzyB is right about cocktails at Coquette.