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Jan 8, 2010 11:32 AM

What's Best Real Deal chinese In Windsor/Detroit? (DTW)

So waiting to try Asia City in Ypsi, but not open. Have not been to Windsor for a while. How is the Chinese at Jade Ct? Where is the best? Also tired of driving to Madison Heights for Vietnamese food, But always buy lots of stuff from Tai Pan bakery. Yes I have tried all the "good" restaurants in the area ie Hong Hua, Shangra La, Great Lake, Golden Harvest. THanks in advance.

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  1. Jade is great for dim-sum, but I prefer Shin Shin for anything spicy. Wah Court and May Wah Inn do Cantonese dishes reasonably well, including dim-sum. Be emphatic at all Windsor Chinese restos if you are looking for something authentic. Otherwise, you be handed the combo menu and a knife and fork. Dynasty has an interesting set course menu that has 100 or more dishes for $8.50 each. There are some dishes on that menu that will open your eyes to some unusual authentic Cantonese cuisine. You never know if you'll like them unless you try them. Don't be surprised if you have to ask more than once to receive a copy of this menu.

    While you're in Windsor, definitely have some Vietnamese food. Pho Nguyen Hoang is always good, as is Bac Lieu (though the owners can be a bit tough to understand). Xic-Lo is pretty good as is Pho Saigon (near Devonshire Mall). Each has dishes that are fantastic and each one offers a few dishes that the others don't, so it's nice to patronize all and decide which is your fave. If you want dish recommendations, I'd be happy to list my personal top picks.

    1. Try Asian Legend in Ann Arbor (on Michigan U. Campus). It is authentic Taiwanese food. Probably more Chinese than what you would get from the restaurant you have tried.

      1. I had dim sum at Asia City today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Somebody should start compiling a list but places that have "secret" menus include Hidden Dragon and Emerald City in Ypsi. Tk Wu, Chia Shiang, Asian Legend, and Middle Kingdom in A2. Best China and Ginger in Canton. Gourmet Garden in Farmington Hills ( but not the one in A2, annoying.) Most of those places there shouldn't be any issue if you just ask for the Chinese menu.

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          Toro, I assume you indeed mean Great Lakes on Carpenter Rd., and not East Lake in Troy. If you haven't tried East Lake for dim sum, it is okay and very popular. For dim sum, I more prefer Golden Hoy in Southfield (not sure how long it will last), and I like your thoughts on Jade Ct in Windsor, as they sometimes have a tubular dumpling filled with deep fried items. Of course, Windsor also has the elder Wah Court, 2037 Wyandotte St., and the related but younger May Wah Inn at 1689 University Avenue West. But, with an uncompelling exchange rate, it's barely worth the hassle. I second moose734's nominations of Hidden Dragon (because it is authentic, not because it is especially good), and also Middle Kingdom because it is good, even though it is one of those Main St. A2 places that way overcharge---and, yes, you may order off-menu Sichuanese items there (unless their Sichuan cook has left recently). I haven't tried out most of moose734's other ideas, but I'd like to do so (as well as kanada's Asia Legend idea).

          1. re: vtombrown

            Does Middle Kingdom have a translated menu ? I had heard that they only had special untranslated menus.

            1. re: moose734

              Hi moose734. While it's been over a year since I've been there--live on East side and time flies, I believe there was an english only menu and a mandarin language only menu, but there may have been the exact same items on both. We didn't compare. We just got to chatting with the (busy) waitress and learned that one of the couple chefs is from Chengdu, if memory serves me, so we just requested a couple common Sichuan dishes that (one or both of which) weren't on the menu, and they gladly made them--well.

              1. re: vtombrown

                What dishes did you get ? I'm always out for a good order of Chengdu dumplings. Dan Dan mein , or real Mapo Dofu

                1. re: moose734

                  moose734, I probably should ask my wife, since she did/does the ordering, and she's out of town this weekend. But, I believe it was dry stir fried chicken with chilies, which you may find referred to as gan bian ji. Also, pieces of catfish fillets braised in a red spicy, oily broth, with soft tofu pieces (including spicy bean paste).

            2. re: vtombrown

              Ate at Asia City yesterday fro dim sum. I has some potential, but still lacks in quite a few areas. The Chinese pasteries and bun were tiny and not very good. I maintain the only authentic chinese bakery in the area in Tai Pan in Madison Heights, went there last week and still as good as Hong Kong. The dumpling skins were too thin for the Har gow, but the shu mai were very good. The jook with dried scallops and preserved egg came in the smallest bowel and a total rip off. The fried taro dumplings were quite good as was the fried turnip cake. Tripe was ok, but not spicy, chicken feet tasted like chicken feet, so overall nice selection, but still need to get their kitchen in order.

              1. re: toro

                I was back at Asia City for dim sum today and they actually had two types of tripe. One was from the congee cart and was basically braised tripe with tendon and liver. Another lady came by and had some spicy tripe. l liked both , although I skipped the liver in the one tripe dish. I am an offal fan ,but liver is still a no go with me. I'm in complete agreement with the taro dumplings and radish cake.

            3. re: moose734

              Thanks for the recs, I usually always order off the Chinese menu, but am often dissapointed. I've eaten at all the restaurants mentioned above with the exception of Hidden Dragon, mainly because of the recent terrible yelp reviews and possible change in chefs. The best of the bunch to me is Asian Legend, but it serves Taiwanese food, not real Cantonese.

              1. re: toro

                Never tried Asian Legend, but I guess I better do so!
                If you want to get excited about Chinese food, all over again, I imagine tomorrow night's (Monday) new No Reservations - China show on The Travel Channel should be fun.

                1. re: vtombrown

                  Oops forgot to mention one thing about Asian Legend. In addition to the Tawainese snack menu , there's a dry erase board written in Chinese that usually has 5 or 6 specials on it. Make sure you make it apparent to the waiter that you wanna know what those are. I had to joust with them a couple times before they saw I really was interested in more authentic fare.

                2. re: toro

                  Eh, you gotta take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt. Most of those seem to be talking about the americanized stuff anyways. I did try Best China in Canton yesterday. I enjoyed the Ja Jahng Mein ( Sp?) and Shredded Pork belly ( really tripe) with pickled vegetables. So now I have another "secret menu" spot in the rotation.

                  1. re: moose734

                    Well yesterday I ate something bad...REAL BAD...I suffered all night...I even backed out from a lunch today.

                    Oh well I got REAL hungry around dinner time and remembered this place is pretty local to me. I slide over, disregarding all conventional wisdom about eating gentle after being sick. I was so happy to find out they indeed had a menu for the eastern audiences.

                    I picked a Cold app of Fried Bean Curd that I loved. It came with Wood Ear, Peanuts and what I think is some kind of cabbage.

                    I also picked up a Shredded Pork (Not Belly) dish with a Spicy Garlic Sauce. Nice size portions and FINALLY some heat when you ask for spicy. I was able to take almost half of it home and will munch on it later. I will be putting this place into my heavy rotation for a bit.

                    Oh and the water was nice and cold too!

                    1. re: JanPrimus

                      You totally shameless bastard. ;)

                      It's okay, really: I ended up getting a call for locksmith work that would have interfered with lunch a bit (ended up stopping by Plaza Deli on the way for a to-go corned beef sandwich), but now that you're talking about this should be ashamed!

                      Plaza Deli
                      29145 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034

                      1. re: boagman

                        We can do the Madison Heights Pho and Go Rally soon!

                      2. re: JanPrimus

                        JP-- Your reputation endures!
                        PS: did you go to Best China or Asian Legend? (Moose734 mentioned both)

                        1. re: vtombrown

                          Best China in Canton at Lilly and Warren.

                          1. re: JanPrimus

                            Between that place, Matsuchan, and Izayaka Sanpei , Canton is quite the little foodie place. I think next time I'll go for all cold foods when I visit.

                            1. re: moose734

                              I am tagging in Neehee's and Thai Bistro into we just need some real BBQ.

                              1. re: JanPrimus

                                Agreed on Neehee's. Not much to look at, but great food that isn't afraid to be plenty flavorful. Not every thing they serve is right for everyone, but there's *got* to be something on their menu for every person out there. Take it from an absolutely die-hard carnivore: I still loved my experience at this all-vegetarian place. Do *not* miss the soup.

                                1. re: boagman

                                  Best China:

                                  I stopped by at chowhound's suggestions the other day.


                                  Unfortunately, I was flying solo so could only order one entree, but my zha Jiang noodles were spectacular. The meat was excellently seasoned. Flavorful with just enough heat and bite to it. Noodles nice and chewy. YUMMY!

                                  I can't wait to go back and drag a bunch of people so that I can try a bunch of stuff.


                                  1. re: donbui82

                                    If you are looking for know where to find us!

                                    1. re: JanPrimus

                                      No kidding! I haven't been to a full-on family-style (everyone orders a dish and passes it around) Chinese food dinner in at least 20 years. This sounds like a good idea.

                                    2. re: donbui82

                                      > I can't wait to go back and drag a bunch of people so that I can try a
                                      > bunch of stuff.

                                      Tap, tap, tap. Eagerly awaiting a group outing. Please pick a date and
                                      time. Weekends are better for me (live in DTW, work in DC). Tap, tap, tap.

                                      1. re: donbui82

                                        Lol, that's no excuse. Just be like me and order multiple stuff. Oh wait, not everyone is a pig like me ? My bad.

                                        1. re: moose734

                                          Now I understand how you got the nick Moose!

                                          1. re: JanPrimus

                                            Darn it I get to come, too! Just don't get your dirty chopsticks in my jia zhang mian, as I am a fiend for the stuff. All the rest of the community dishes I can share nicely.