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Jan 8, 2010 11:24 AM

Need Food Platter Delivery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for Funeral

Hey all,

Close friend just had a family member pass away in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the family has gathered for the funeral. I'd like to send them some platters of delicious food for while they are gathered since I can't make it down there.

Not knowing the city at all I have no idea what would be a good idea. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Sorry I can't be of any direct help, but if you don't get any suggestions, this post lists several restaurants that you could call and see if they can help:

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      Thanks. I had seen that post and ended up calling Local Flavor. They could not have been nicer and more helpful on the phone. If I ever get to ES they are going to be my first meal.