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Jan 8, 2010 10:22 AM

Great dish at Walzwerk - rinderroulade, spaetzle, and red cabbage.

I had dinner at Walzwerk last night with some friends.

Keep in mind I only tried one dish, but I gotta say, this is the best German food I've had in SF (been here 20 years now). I can really only compare to a few though, due to limited experience (Zuppenkuche, the old Shnitzel House, and in a way I might compare to Old Krakow in West Portal).

Okay, so I love spaetzle and red cabbage. Both of these can be great or terrible, depending on preparation. I tend to order whichever main course comes with these two sides.
I tried the rinderroulade (beef rolled around bacon, onions, pickles, and mustard).

All three of these (beef, spaetzle, and red cabbage) were the best I've ever had.
The spaetzle had to have been handmade, with all those nice lumps, and was beautifully browned in spots.
The red cabbage was tasty and spicy, but did not have too strong a vinegar taste as sometimes happens.
The beef was super-tasty, again the stronger flavors were present and not overpowering, and the sauce was just delicious.

I can't speak for any other dishes, but I'll go back just to get this one again.


381 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103

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