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Jan 8, 2010 10:17 AM

best grater for potatoes/carrots etc?

Hi everyone, I have a microplane which i use for garlic/cheese/sesting etc, but it's really not big enough for potatoes for hash browns and a few other recipes I'd like to try. any suggestions for an appropriate grater? preferably inexpensive and small?


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  1. Hi there. I have a grater box very similar to this one that I picked up for $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops years is so handy 'cause it catches whatever you're grating right in the attached box. It's one of my favorite (and cheapest!) kitchen tools.

    Used it this week to grate both cheese and cucumbers.

    1. I have an older, simpler, cheaper version of this current Borner (aka Boerner) grater:

      Although it's plastic and looks like a piece of junk, it's sharp and does its job well. It's also small and easily-stored.

      It is the ideal tool for making latkes. On mine, one side makes coarse shreds and the other grates raw potato into a mush. A combination of the two makes the perfect latke, as per Cook's Illustrated. I agree---originally I grated all the potatoes to mush, as did my mother, but once I tried CI's method I preferred it.

      1. microplane now has an "ultra course" grater

        I have one. They grate potatoes beautifully.

        You've used microplane, so I don't think you can settle for anything less from then on ;-)