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Are you making a specialty food?

What do you serve with steak?

NellyNel Jan 8, 2010 10:10 AM

Hi there!

I am a frustrated cook!
One of the few things my DH really enjoys as far as food is a good steak.....so I find myself making steak a heck of a lot.

I love steak so thats the good bit - but I find myself fed up with the usual sides - baked or mash.....mushrooms...and a green. BORING

What do you serve along a piece of meat?
Maybe you can inspire me


  1. elfcook Jan 8, 2010 10:21 AM

    we go through a lot of steak in the summer, less in the winter - love them on the grill. I try to vary with rice, wild rice, couscous, potato on the grill (in foil, sliced thin with lots of onion, butter, S&P), sometimes buttered pasta or egg noodles instead. Carmelized onions are great, too. We do steak sliced over a salad for lighter meals. For winter, roasted potato & onion & root veggies, or squash, all go well. Sweet potato, too, either baked or roasted. Nothing outrageous, but just a few suggestions to build on.

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    1. re: elfcook
      wattacetti Jan 8, 2010 10:33 AM

      How about foie gras if you're feeling decadent?

      Anyway, in addition to elfcook's suggestions there's always grilled corn (in summer), other root vegetables (e.g. parsley root), sweet onions (caramelized, stuffed, rings etc). Am assuming "a green" will cover salads and other standard vegetable sides.

      1. re: elfcook
        BernalKC Jan 8, 2010 11:05 AM

        I'll second the couscous suggestion. We often serve a toasted Israeli couscous recipe from epicurious that goes well with steak. And I'm thinking that adding a side of sweet onion roasted in foil on the grill would be very nice...

      2. mrbigshotno.1 Jan 8, 2010 10:40 AM

        Nice jack cheese enchiladas with green sauce goes well. Grilled zuchini, eggplant, peppers & onions are good too. Alot of times I'm satisfied with a nice green salad and fresh crusty bread with the steak. We in America get stuck in the box alot with the "meat & potatos" thing.

        1. eight_inch_pestle Jan 8, 2010 11:02 AM

          Almost always a baked sweet potato and an watercress-shallot salad with a sharp lime dressing to cut the richness and sweetness of the other two. One of those classics that could never bore me.

          Sometimes I'll run steaks under the broiler with a schmear of butter and blue cheese and maybe some herb forked together. Or slice them on the bias for a thai beef salad, or cut them into big, bloody, irregular chunks for a classic chef's salad with lettuce, good tomatoes, red onion, and whatever's looking good at the market. Obviously, you couldn't really go wrong with any roasted or pureed root vegetable.

          1. p
            pubb Jan 8, 2010 11:05 AM

            It is a sin to fry steaks, but bistec encebollado is a sin worth committing from time to time.

            Thin steak fried with lots of onion rings (not breaded onion rings - just sweat the onions until they're soft). Serve with red beans & yellow rice or black beans & white rice.

            1. NellyNel Jan 8, 2010 11:27 AM

              Thanks everyone!

              Growing up - my mom always served steak with a huge green salad and crusty bread.
              To me - this is perfection!
              However DH is from the UK and was horrified when I served this combo to him (he had never heard of a salad being served with steak before!!)
              He doesnt' like it.

              I like all of your suggestions, but I think the beans and rice combo might be especially interesting...oooh with some sweet onions..mmm getting hungry now!

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              1. re: NellyNel
                BernalKC Jan 8, 2010 12:24 PM

                English. That complicates the problem.

                What about roasts? Seems like there is more variety and more room for experimentation with roasted beef cuts. Maybe a Guiness pie?

                1. re: BernalKC
                  NellyNel Jan 8, 2010 12:33 PM

                  Too right!

                  Well it's just the 2 of us so I usually dont make a roast. (the English do not like leftovers either!!)
                  (I'm totally generalizing here - and it's all in fun)

                  But you do give me a great idea with the Guiness pie - I have never made one and that sounds good...

              2. almansa Jan 8, 2010 11:27 AM

                How about cheesy popovers with sea salt butter? Roesti? Mac and cheese with country ham? Chimichurri dressed chopped vegetable salad? Slow cooked tomatoes and griddled chevre?

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                1. re: almansa
                  NellyNel Jan 8, 2010 11:29 AM

                  ooohhhh all sound good!

                2. w
                  wineos Jan 8, 2010 11:30 AM

                  We enjoy oven roasted tomatoes with our steak, either grape or roma that have been roasted for 6+ hours. Another favorite is roasted sweet potatoes (garlic, crushed red, thyme and sea salt - delicious!), roasted leeks or creamed spinach.

                  1. petit oiseau Jan 8, 2010 11:37 AM

                    Hi there! One thing I really enjoy with steak is a rice salad with toasted almonds and golden raisins--I cook the rice, cool it, add the almonds and raisins, and dress it with an olive oil, lemon juice, and lemon zest dressing.

                    1. iluvcookies Jan 8, 2010 11:41 AM

                      Creamed spinach and a dry martini.

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                      1. re: iluvcookies
                        jdub1371 Dec 14, 2013 12:29 PM

                        I was going to suggest creamed spinach. There was a restaurant the bf and I used to go to that served what I thought was an odd combination of side dishes with their steak: mashed potatoes, creamed corn and creamed spinach. The "all baby food" side dishes, as I thought of them. But I had to admit, the creamed spinach with the steak was very good. Just not with creamed corn alongside!

                      2. capeanne Jan 8, 2010 11:59 AM

                        Over the holidays we had a beautiful griiled tri tip with baked ricotta and pepperonata yumm.

                        1. w
                          weezycom Jan 8, 2010 12:07 PM

                          On angel hair pasta tossed with the pan drippings from the steak mixed with horseradish and chopped scallions with broccoli or asparagus on the side. And with another pop of horseradish for the top of the steak.

                          1. r
                            RGC1982 Jan 8, 2010 01:00 PM

                            Usually the standard baked potato and some kind of green veggie like asparagus, but once in a while I eschew that combo in favor of linguine with red clam sauce. Sounds crazy, but the pairing is actually quite nice. The clam sauce needs a good strong flavor of garlic and oregano, not basil.

                            1. s
                              swoll50 Jan 8, 2010 01:13 PM

                              I like slicing potatoes thin, covering olive oil, s&p and grilling them.

                              also halving tomatoes, coating the sliced side with oil, minced garlic, s&p and grilling them as well. usually face down on the grill just long enough to char and then skin side down on the top rack for a few minutes.

                              1. BeefeaterRocks Jan 8, 2010 01:39 PM

                                I like beans with my steak, where I grew up we always had a big pot of poquito beans but they can be hard to find. I also like to saute bacon, onions and jalapeno pepper, drain about half the liquid from a can of black eyed peas, add to pot and heat

                                1. mcf Jan 8, 2010 02:14 PM

                                  No potatoes, rice or corn, but in nice weather I grill a lot of veggies like onions, summer squash, peppers and portobello caps or shiitake slices. I like sauteed baby spinach with lots of garlic and olive oil, and blue cheese on steak. Also, sauteed sugar snap peas in sesame oil with black sesame seeds. I also serve leftover steak atop a salad of mixed baby greens, leftover grilled veggies with some walnuts and blue cheese.

                                  1. steakman55 Jan 8, 2010 02:21 PM

                                    Nelly, don't know how many steers I have eaten in the past 60 years, but have grilled steak on my Weber every Friday night for several decades. Year-round (Florida, even though it will be in the teens tonight in North Fla.) Sometimes baked potato, but interchange these sides: baked sweet potato (they do marvelously in microwave, as opposed to regular baked potatoes.) Asparagus, steamed or roasted. Salads including sliced tomatoes with fresh basil, onions, feta or blue cheese crumbles, and a nice vinagrette dressing; sometimes a Caesar, roasted tomatoes (slice nice big red tomatoes and place cut side face up in a muffin tin, season liberally with salt, pepper, garlic, splash of EVOO, parmesan cheese and bake for a few minutes then run under the broiler) ; roasted new potatoes (quarter some red potatoes and toss liberally with EVOO, place on roasting sheet and cook for 20 minutes or so around 400. Then slice some onions on them and continue to cook until onions soften); garlic bread and a nice red wine. Hope you enjoy as much as I do....PS on the steaks, you can't do better than prime dry aged NY bone in strips. I have to order from Lobel in NY, but worth it. Also Allen Bros. and Niman Ranch are good.... season liberally with kosher salt and let sit out an hour before grilling, then cook over a very hot charcoal fire for a nice crust and medium rare. Take off and let rest for 5 minutes and season with coarse ground black pepper and garlic butter. ...Excuse me, I had to run start the fire in the grill!!

                                    1. g
                                      gourmet wife Jan 8, 2010 02:58 PM

                                      I didn't read the entire entries but what about brussel sprouts? I usually use a cast iron pan and once the steak is resting, I save the fat and cook the brussel sprounts in the fat instead of bacon or butter. It's really quite good especially if you steak leaves you with yummy fatty goodness. Add a splash of balsalmic or w sauce, salt and pepper and you're ready to go.

                                      Since steak is quite heavy, I usually pair it up with veggies. Try roasting cauliflower or broccoli, basically any root veggie would work too. For carrots, I like to roast it with some maple syrup, some broth and a touch of ginger, a touch of butter doesn't hurt either ;-)

                                      1. v
                                        valerie Jan 8, 2010 05:39 PM

                                        For new year's eve, we had grilled steaks at our friend's house. I made a potato gratin to go along with it. We also had roasted butternut squash and asparagus. The gratin was insanely good, but oh so sinfully artery clogging. I'm not sure that I would make it on a "regular" night...it was definitely more of a special occasion dish. I'd be happy to share the recipe if you want it.

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                                        1. re: valerie
                                          AndrewK512 Jan 8, 2010 07:07 PM

                                          Very similar to that, one of my favourite ways to enjoy steak is with a potato gratin, roasted asparagus, marinated tomatoes and red wine jus.

                                          1. re: valerie
                                            16crab Feb 22, 2014 11:54 AM

                                            I would love that gratin recipe. "Sinfully artery clogging" is my favourite food group.

                                          2. bagelman01 Jan 8, 2010 06:44 PM

                                            Caesar Salad
                                            Steak Fries or Rice Pilaf
                                            Roasted Brussel Sprouts or Creamed Spinach
                                            Hot Parker House Rolls
                                            Black Coffee

                                            1. a
                                              apricot Jan 9, 2010 06:20 AM

                                              Roasted cauliflower, as in this recipe: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2004/09...

                                              You have to get it really browned and crispy. It's a revelation.

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                                              1. re: apricot
                                                jbsiegel Feb 22, 2014 05:52 PM

                                                I was just going to suggest roasted cauliflower. But...just do the whole head!

                                                I cut the stem and all leaves off, put it on a baking sheet covered with foil (no mess) and roast for about 60 minutes at 350-375 (depending on size). Then crank to 425-450 for the last 20-30 minutes. Totally AMAZING!!!!!! You can oil and season before roasting or roast naked and season later (which is how I do it).

                                                1. re: jbsiegel
                                                  fldhkybnva Feb 22, 2014 06:13 PM

                                                  I was going to make cauliflower mash tomorrow but maybe I'll do this instead.

                                                  1. re: jbsiegel
                                                    linguafood Feb 23, 2014 09:21 AM

                                                    Yeah, but the more florets you have, the more surface area you get for crispiness. I prefer the cauli to be broken up for this very reason. But I'm a crispiness addict. There. I said it.

                                                    1. re: linguafood
                                                      fldhkybnva Feb 23, 2014 09:27 AM

                                                      It's ok, there's rehab for that...I think.

                                                      1. re: fldhkybnva
                                                        linguafood Feb 23, 2014 09:58 AM

                                                        Rehab's for quitters '-D

                                                      2. re: linguafood
                                                        jbsiegel Feb 23, 2014 01:16 PM

                                                        VERY good point. Something about that full head, though, all cooked and ready to dive into with a fork and knife....

                                                  2. k
                                                    Kagey Jan 9, 2010 09:08 AM

                                                    I think I got this recipe from Nigella Express, but anyhow it's fantastic:

                                                    Heat some garlic-infused olive oil in a pan, then add canellini beans (either a can or dried beans soaked and cooked till soft). Season with salt and red chili flakes to taste. Add a little water, then make sure all is heated through and mash up the beans. Stir in some fresh chopped parsley right at the end. Makes a nice alternative to mashed potatoes.

                                                    1. w
                                                      williamthompson Dec 14, 2013 12:08 PM

                                                      chesse and mustard sause
                                                      holegrain mustard
                                                      grated mature cheedar chesse
                                                      creme fresh

                                                      1. monavano Dec 14, 2013 01:10 PM

                                                        I make pureed cauliflower in place of potatoes quite a bit. I just steam it, place in food processor and add a bit of cream, chicken stock and Parmesan.
                                                        Roasted asparagus us also a favorite.

                                                        1. Njchicaa Dec 14, 2013 02:07 PM

                                                          Creamed spinach, steamed carrots, mashed cauliflower, roasted asparagus or broccoli, sauteed zucchini and onions, rice, cous cous....

                                                          1. f
                                                            filtered Dec 14, 2013 02:31 PM

                                                            steak on top of a bed of rice, with a side of sauted rapini, sauted mushrooms and a couple of onion rings.

                                                            I'm hungry!

                                                            1. k
                                                              kazhound Dec 14, 2013 07:01 PM

                                                              my friend once brought over a sunchoke, thinly sliced it,tossed in olive oil and roasted. she called it steak confetti and it was truly delicious!

                                                              1. s
                                                                Scotty Dec 14, 2013 09:02 PM

                                                                Carmelized onions and Tator Tots!!

                                                                1. m
                                                                  MAH Dec 15, 2013 05:52 AM

                                                                  Roasted cauliflower or Brussel sprouts
                                                                  Roasted asparagus
                                                                  Braised Tuscan kale and white beans with diced pancetta
                                                                  Sautéed garlic spinach
                                                                  Mashed cauliflower. (steamed then food processed with a bit of butter, garlic powder, salt/pepper. Sometimes a sprinkle of grated parm)
                                                                  Polenta (sometimes made firm and cut into strips then baked with evoo and parm on top)
                                                                  Oven fries sprinkled with truffle salt

                                                                  1. fldhkybnva Dec 15, 2013 07:04 AM

                                                                    Fried eggs

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                                                                    1. re: fldhkybnva
                                                                      eclecticsynergy Feb 22, 2014 11:50 AM

                                                                      And grits!

                                                                    2. s
                                                                      Springhaze2 Dec 15, 2013 07:59 AM

                                                                      My favorite with a good steak is a baked potato and a big pan of roasted veggies. The veggie combo varies, but it is often cherry/grape tomatoes, sliced onions, red/orange/yellow sweet peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper all drizzled with olive oil. Bake for about 20 minutes at 425 or until the onions start to brown/burn. Sometimes I add cremini mushrooms. I serve blue cheese with steak, either just crumbled, in a sauce or blue cheese butter on top of the steak.

                                                                      Another go-to for us is new potatoes roasted with onion and garlic, with herbs and olive oil. Serve simple asparagus on the side, and maybe sliced fresh tomatoes or baked tomatoes.

                                                                      Also consider some underutilized veggies, like mashed roasted parsnips, celeriac or roasted kohlrabi instead of potatoes. Sauteed or steamed spinach on the side.

                                                                      Or a combo of root veggies like carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, rutabaga, potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted with onion and garlic, herbs and olive oil.

                                                                      1. p
                                                                        pubb Dec 15, 2013 12:17 PM

                                                                        Red wine and dessert.

                                                                        1. linguafood Dec 15, 2013 12:51 PM

                                                                          Caesar salad, sautéed red wine spinach, salad with blue cheese dressing, roasted cauliflower or broccoli, Hasselback potatoes, mushrooms....

                                                                          I guess these all fall in your "boring" category, but to me, they are perfect companions for a good steak.

                                                                          1. c
                                                                            CooknNuStuf Feb 21, 2014 08:37 PM

                                                                            My favorite thing to serve with pan seared filets is
                                                                            a tossed mixed green salad and pasta with white
                                                                            clam sauce. This is my husband's favorite meal.

                                                                            1. u
                                                                              UncleMorty Feb 22, 2014 05:31 AM

                                                                              Macerated strawberries. Slice the strawberries thinly and 30 minutes before serving soak them in balsamic vinegar...you won't regret trying it!

                                                                              9 Replies
                                                                              1. re: UncleMorty
                                                                                DowntownJosie Feb 22, 2014 12:17 PM

                                                                                This is why I love reading these posts because never in a million years would I have put balsamic strawberries and steak together. You have intrigued me enough that I might have to try it....

                                                                                1. re: DowntownJosie
                                                                                  Ttrockwood Feb 22, 2014 04:07 PM

                                                                                  The basalmic strawberries are even better (!!) on vanilla ice cream....;)

                                                                                  1. re: Ttrockwood
                                                                                    mcf Feb 22, 2014 05:00 PM

                                                                                    Yes, but folks in this thread are after STEAK.

                                                                                    1. re: mcf
                                                                                      DowntownJosie Feb 22, 2014 05:04 PM

                                                                                      That is what strikes me as odd. How can something be delicious with vanilla ice cream and steak? Intriguing...

                                                                                      1. re: DowntownJosie
                                                                                        mcf Feb 22, 2014 05:07 PM

                                                                                        Think of it as a kind of chutney; a lot of steak sauces have a fruit base.

                                                                                        Not any *I'd* ever use... ;-)

                                                                                    2. re: Ttrockwood
                                                                                      mariacarmen Feb 23, 2014 11:19 AM

                                                                                      with a good grinding of black pepper!

                                                                                      1. re: Ttrockwood
                                                                                        phatchris Feb 23, 2014 06:27 PM

                                                                                        With black pepper

                                                                                        1. re: phatchris
                                                                                          linguafood Feb 24, 2014 10:54 AM

                                                                                          Green pepper's better.

                                                                                    3. re: UncleMorty
                                                                                      drgreg Feb 23, 2014 10:47 PM

                                                                                      The Two Fat Ladies have a salad that is thinly sliced strawberries macerated in balsamic, then tossed with thinly sliced cucumber and black pepper. The balsamic becomes sweeter and syrupy, it's fantastic. I frequently made this as a side for steak.

                                                                                    4. eclecticsynergy Feb 22, 2014 12:06 PM

                                                                                      +1 on popovers, for a Brit they'd be the next best thing to Yorkshire pudding. Baked beans or mushy peas or green beans with cream. And HP sauce of course.

                                                                                      1 Reply
                                                                                      1. re: eclecticsynergy
                                                                                        scoyart Feb 25, 2014 11:04 AM

                                                                                        With steak I like to saute long green beans with butter+oil, garlic, thin sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and lots of black pepper. Drizzle of vinegar or citrus juice at the end.

                                                                                      2. j
                                                                                        jbsiegel Feb 22, 2014 05:53 PM

                                                                                        Cheese tuiles are really good and stupid easy. Those, a nice green salad and some good bread would make a great meal.

                                                                                        4 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: jbsiegel
                                                                                          rjbh20 Feb 22, 2014 05:55 PM

                                                                                          Nuclear tater tots

                                                                                          1. re: rjbh20
                                                                                            MAH Feb 23, 2014 10:41 AM

                                                                                            what constitutes a nuclear tater tot?

                                                                                            1. re: MAH
                                                                                              Fowler Feb 23, 2014 10:52 AM


                                                                                            2. re: rjbh20
                                                                                              eclecticsynergy Mar 10, 2014 11:14 AM

                                                                                              I think to be termed nuclear they might need to be liberally doused in sriracha. Ah, then they'd be HOTTENTOTS!

                                                                                          2. Fowler Feb 23, 2014 10:20 AM

                                                                                            Bordeaux, Brunello, Burgundy, Barolo...basically any type of red wine that begins with a "B".

                                                                                            1. boyzoma Feb 23, 2014 11:19 AM

                                                                                              I see that this is an older thread, but since it has been revived, I'll chime in.

                                                                                              Shrimp Salad
                                                                                              Shrimp Cocktail
                                                                                              Roasted mixed Veggies (colored bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, or anything else you have on hand.
                                                                                              Loaded Baked Potato (but you already know that)
                                                                                              Twice baked potato
                                                                                              Hasselback potatoes
                                                                                              Corn on the cob (I also do some up in season for my freezer)
                                                                                              I do mushrooms, but I will quite often do a Marsala butter sauce with them which changes the flavor profile.
                                                                                              Acorn Squash drizzled with butter and maple syrup
                                                                                              Roasted Butternut Squash
                                                                                              Risotto Milanese
                                                                                              Risotto with asparagus and/or mushrooms

                                                                                              1. tim irvine Feb 23, 2014 12:19 PM

                                                                                                For a steakhouse quality steak I am thinking martini, hashbrowns, and creamed spinach, like at the Palm. For a rare hanger done in a pan with a red wine reduction, I am thinking frites with mayonnaise and asparagus on the side, or maybe braised brussell sprouts with balsamic. For a thin strip fried in a hot skillet with only salt and pepper, I am thinking broiled tomato and baked beans.

                                                                                                2 Replies
                                                                                                1. re: tim irvine
                                                                                                  Heidi cooks and bakes Feb 24, 2014 11:23 AM

                                                                                                  I have some brussell sprouts that I'm making this week. How do you braise them, and use balsamic? I am a balsamic vinegar lover!

                                                                                                  1. re: Heidi cooks and bakes
                                                                                                    tim irvine Feb 24, 2014 05:01 PM

                                                                                                    I trim the sprouts, toss them in a pan with butter, cook them a little, and pour in braising liquid, probably water and a splash of white wine or a squeeze of lemon. When they are done I drain, toss in another pat of butter and a splash of balsamic, maybe adding a little minced pancetta or the like if there is some around, toss, and serve. More plebeian, but I have stooped to add bacon bits. They are great with no pork product but just the butter and balsamic, too.

                                                                                                2. f
                                                                                                  FriedClamFanatic Feb 23, 2014 01:33 PM

                                                                                                  zucchini..small ones..... cut lengthwise in half and then each of those cut in thirds lenthwise, and finally 2-3 inch pieces. Sautee with onions, peppers in olive oil.start the peppers and onions 2-3 mins before adding the squash.

                                                                                                  At the end......
                                                                                                  1. splash with balsamic, or
                                                                                                  2. grate Parm cheese over it

                                                                                                  or both

                                                                                                  1. f
                                                                                                    FriedClamFanatic Feb 23, 2014 01:37 PM

                                                                                                    rec#2....ala Peter Luger.........sliced tomato, onion and (my add) sliced mozzarella with a spicy Russina/Mayo dressing(add some garlic and hot sauce, maybe a bit of soy sauce). Sprinkle on Parsley or basil

                                                                                                    1. MamasCooking Feb 23, 2014 06:24 PM

                                                                                                      A loaf of fresh Boudin's sour dough, plenty of butter and lots of red wine.

                                                                                                      1. u
                                                                                                        urfuturewifey Feb 23, 2014 06:30 PM

                                                                                                        I love this thread! I like to make a warm pasta salad with lemon artihoke pesto or sundried tomato pesto and whatever else I have around the house ( crispy chopped prosciutto, sauteed shallots, roasted red peppers, capers, etc)

                                                                                                        1. e
                                                                                                          Eachna Feb 24, 2014 04:03 AM

                                                                                                          I like steamed artichokes with hollandaise sauce (bonus -- the sauce is nice on the steak also). I whisk up the sauce in the time it takes me to steam the chokes.

                                                                                                          I make a baked onion for my husband.

                                                                                                          I brown onions in my crockpot (takes about 8 hours and I don't have to watch them) and then toss them into the cast iron pan with the steak to crisp them up a bit. I add sliced mushrooms and a smashed clove of garlic and deglaze with a bit of beer, wine, or vodka (depending on the mood). Even though I usually serve the onions and mushrooms on top of the steak (implying a sauce) I consider them a vegetable dish.

                                                                                                          Pickled artichoke hearts (whole or chopped), parsley or rosemary (fresh garlic if you like it raw), oil & vinegar (or creamy greek yogurt), and enough grated hard cheese to give it a salty kick.

                                                                                                          Potato salad.

                                                                                                          Popovers, or Irish soda bread rolls, or Pão de Queijo cheese rolls.

                                                                                                          I make hash browns in a (stovetop) waffle iron. They're fantastic (super-crispy) and it reminds me of one of the few prepared foods my mom served to me (Tater Tots).

                                                                                                          1. p
                                                                                                            Puffin3 Feb 24, 2014 06:12 AM

                                                                                                            How about Japanese 'teppanyaki' (mixed BBQ)
                                                                                                            or a favorite of ours 'Yasai no nikumaki' (beef and vegetable rolls)? They require a bit of fiddly work to prepare but the results are well worth it.

                                                                                                            3 Replies
                                                                                                            1. re: Puffin3
                                                                                                              boyzoma Feb 24, 2014 06:14 AM

                                                                                                              Good call. And fried rice!

                                                                                                              1. re: boyzoma
                                                                                                                Puffin3 Feb 24, 2014 07:33 AM

                                                                                                                Or my new favorite arborio rice made in a rice cooker. Not 'risotto'.

                                                                                                                1. re: Puffin3
                                                                                                                  boyzoma Feb 24, 2014 09:38 AM

                                                                                                                  I just read an article about that written by Wolfgang Puck. I've gotta try it!

                                                                                                            2. inaplasticcup Feb 24, 2014 11:04 AM

                                                                                                              I like to serve the hot steak over a bed of arugula and let the juices wilt and dress the arugula with a wedge of lemon on the side to add a bit of acid.

                                                                                                              I also like roasted tomatoes in olive oil with fresh green herbs like parsley, oregano, thyme...

                                                                                                              Roasted onions with chimichurri - also yummy with steak. :)

                                                                                                              1. Fowler Feb 24, 2014 11:27 AM

                                                                                                                I second inaplasticcups mention of Chimichurri.

                                                                                                                1. Wtg2Retire Feb 24, 2014 11:36 AM

                                                                                                                  Last night we had lovely steak with a baked potato and asparagus scattered with medium size whole black olives and rolls dipped in garlic butter before baking. It was great.

                                                                                                                  1. l
                                                                                                                    laliz Feb 24, 2014 02:46 PM

                                                                                                                    Iceberg wedge, homemade blue cheese dressing, bacon sprinkles

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