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Jan 8, 2010 10:10 AM

What do you serve with steak?

Hi there!

I am a frustrated cook!
One of the few things my DH really enjoys as far as food is a good I find myself making steak a heck of a lot.

I love steak so thats the good bit - but I find myself fed up with the usual sides - baked or mash.....mushrooms...and a green. BORING

What do you serve along a piece of meat?
Maybe you can inspire me


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  1. we go through a lot of steak in the summer, less in the winter - love them on the grill. I try to vary with rice, wild rice, couscous, potato on the grill (in foil, sliced thin with lots of onion, butter, S&P), sometimes buttered pasta or egg noodles instead. Carmelized onions are great, too. We do steak sliced over a salad for lighter meals. For winter, roasted potato & onion & root veggies, or squash, all go well. Sweet potato, too, either baked or roasted. Nothing outrageous, but just a few suggestions to build on.

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      How about foie gras if you're feeling decadent?

      Anyway, in addition to elfcook's suggestions there's always grilled corn (in summer), other root vegetables (e.g. parsley root), sweet onions (caramelized, stuffed, rings etc). Am assuming "a green" will cover salads and other standard vegetable sides.

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        I'll second the couscous suggestion. We often serve a toasted Israeli couscous recipe from epicurious that goes well with steak. And I'm thinking that adding a side of sweet onion roasted in foil on the grill would be very nice...

      2. Nice jack cheese enchiladas with green sauce goes well. Grilled zuchini, eggplant, peppers & onions are good too. Alot of times I'm satisfied with a nice green salad and fresh crusty bread with the steak. We in America get stuck in the box alot with the "meat & potatos" thing.

        1. Almost always a baked sweet potato and an watercress-shallot salad with a sharp lime dressing to cut the richness and sweetness of the other two. One of those classics that could never bore me.

          Sometimes I'll run steaks under the broiler with a schmear of butter and blue cheese and maybe some herb forked together. Or slice them on the bias for a thai beef salad, or cut them into big, bloody, irregular chunks for a classic chef's salad with lettuce, good tomatoes, red onion, and whatever's looking good at the market. Obviously, you couldn't really go wrong with any roasted or pureed root vegetable.

          1. It is a sin to fry steaks, but bistec encebollado is a sin worth committing from time to time.

            Thin steak fried with lots of onion rings (not breaded onion rings - just sweat the onions until they're soft). Serve with red beans & yellow rice or black beans & white rice.

            1. Thanks everyone!

              Growing up - my mom always served steak with a huge green salad and crusty bread.
              To me - this is perfection!
              However DH is from the UK and was horrified when I served this combo to him (he had never heard of a salad being served with steak before!!)
              He doesnt' like it.

              I like all of your suggestions, but I think the beans and rice combo might be especially interesting...oooh with some sweet onions..mmm getting hungry now!

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              1. re: NellyNel

                English. That complicates the problem.

                What about roasts? Seems like there is more variety and more room for experimentation with roasted beef cuts. Maybe a Guiness pie?

                1. re: BernalKC

                  Too right!

                  Well it's just the 2 of us so I usually dont make a roast. (the English do not like leftovers either!!)
                  (I'm totally generalizing here - and it's all in fun)

                  But you do give me a great idea with the Guiness pie - I have never made one and that sounds good...