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Jan 8, 2010 09:49 AM

Original Post Date

i'm getting increasingly irritated by opening old posts that someone has added one comment to. Please post the date the OP made the original entry right after the OP name under the thread title. How hard can that be?

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  1. Do you ever try sorting by "My post date"? That might help in the interim.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      thanks for the suggestion. its more a matter of seeing a thread on seasoning cast iron (there are about 60 of them i guess) and not having to open them to see if its new or old. Or maybe a dozen that mention one restaurant or another, and trying to find out which is the most recent, and therefore probably most valid. Sure, the latest posting may be on an older thread, but at least there is some probability that most of the postings are recent.

    2. I was going to start a thread with the very same request. - It really does kind of suck to get "involved" in a thread only to then notice that I'm about to chime in on something that's many years old.

      (Obviously) I decided to illustrate Kaimukiman's point and reply to this "semi-old" thread instead.

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      1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

        Several Travel sites close the Post for discussion after a year.
        You can still read the post, but cannot respond.
        I like this idea.
        It is frustrating, as happened just recently to see a review I wrote 3 years ago.
        Things change, and I would not want people to think that I recommend it today.
        This happens quite frequently on the Ontario Board.
        On one ocassion a disgruntled Customer fed up every post mentioning a specific Restaurant, and made the same comment on each.
        Waste of time and space.
        For goodness sakes write a new Review!!

        1. re: erly

          I could go along with your idea, but I have a feeling that some people would argue against it by saying that they like to have the option of replying even if it's an old post. Totally agree about restaurant reviews - I've seen reviews for places in my area that I know have changed owners and/or chefs since the original review but that fact is usually never mentioned when the thread is "revived".

      2. The thought occurred to me: simply add a column next to the "last reply" information indicating the original post date. Simply adding this would not not be difficult (I would think), would not preclude people from posting to old threads, and it would be especially helpful for posts soliciting restaurant recs. I cannot see how simply adding this piece of information could be in any way controversial.

        e.g. I was going to reply to a post from someone visiting, only to find that the proposed visit has come and gone. (No it's not hard to open the thread and look.)
        But I also just found a post I made four years ago is still alive.