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Pastry Cream Storage

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I made an angel food cake and found myself with a surplus of egg yolks to use up -- a dozen of them! I decided to use them to make a pastry cream, however it makes a lot of pastry cream. Does anyone know how I can store pastry cream? Can I freeze it or will that cause it to weep and separate?

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  1. You can't freeze pastry cream, cornstarch is the issue.
    But you can very successfully freeze egg yolks. Divide them up into recipe portion-sized containers and freeze.
    Storing pastry cream: 3-4 days, well covered and refrigerated, max.

    1. It seems to me I've frozen pastry cream before, but I make mine with flour, not cornstarch.

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        You can freeze pastry cream made with flour, thaw it in the frig, but most recipes call for cornstarch.

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          I never thought about freezing pastry cream; I just assumed it was one of those things that shouldn't be frozen..I make mine with flour.

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            Wow, I've never made it with flour. Anyway, flour, as you know, is more stable than cornstarch.
            I've never thought about freezing the stuff either. It's just one of those things you make and eat all of the same day.;-)

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            What is the visual and/or taste difference of pastry cream made with flour vs cornstarch? I use the pasty cream recipe from Dorie Greenspan, which calls for cornstarch. I have no problem switching to another recipe if that's what it'll take for me to be able to freeze my pastry cream.

            Ultimately I am going to use the frozen pastry cream in a danish braid and, since it is being baked, I didn't think that using a previously frozen pastry cream would make a difference (as long as the cream didn't separate from the freezing)

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              "Ultimately I am going to use the frozen pastry cream in a danish braid and, since it is being baked I didn't think that using a previously frozen pastry cream would make a difference " -I'm not sure what you mean, are you baking the braid then filling it or baking the braid with the pastry cream in it? Excuse my thickness.

              I personally like cornstarch, I think it gives a lighter texture to the pastry cream than I imagine the flour would, but since I've never made it with flour, other posters may have a different opinion.

              You can actually freeze baked goods with pastry cream inside them but the texture of the cream changes and it's just not a good as fresh. The cakes or other baked goods may become soggy while defrosting as well, which needs to always be done in the frig; pastry cream is prime breeding ground for bacterical contamination.

              So I would experiment; find a recipe made with flour, make a small batch, see how you like it, freeze it and defrost and see how it comes out. Here's a link for a flour-based formula:

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                I'm going to fill the danish braid with the pastry cream, then bake the braid.

                Thanks for the information. I'll try freezing the flour-based cream and see how it goes

                1. re: peachblossom

                  Wow, I've never considered baking something with pastry cream already inside. Have you tried this before?
                  Let us know how it turns out. I'm very curious.