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Jan 8, 2010 08:53 AM

Seven Corners Safeway Closing

I drove by the Safeway in the Wilston Center, and there were signs up saying they were closing, and everything was 20% off. Has anyone heard if something is going in there? I'm hoping it's just closing for remodel (it's kind of tired), but in my dreams, I'm hoping for a Wegman's.

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  1. A cashier said something about a stop n' shop and a bank..... bad news, I'm afraid.

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    1. re: Steve

      I asked a cashier and she told me that they were remodeling and would be reopen. Which cashier expects to get her job back?

      There's already one bank right next to the Safeway and another across Patrick Henry Drive. But I suppose they do come in clumps.

    2. i just gasped audibly upon reading this post. This has long been my favorite safeway in the area...what a shame.

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      1. re: littlew1ng

        I haven't stopped by yet to try to confirm which cashier was correct, but I hope they are remodeling. It would be worth the wait if that's the case; the remodeled Safeways I've been to are pretty nice. I live about equidistant to the one on Wilson at George Mason, but it's kind of shabby, and they run out of things a lot.

        1. re: Henry Spencer

          i just moved from right behind that safeway and wasn't a fan. have you tried the cherrydale one? I like that one alot, as well.

      2. There is a letter-sized piece of paper taped to the window now that says it is a renovation. Seems like it was done in haste. Not very reassuring. But at least it wasn't in crayon.

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        1. re: Steve

          They close on the 16th and, per the cashier I asked today, the renovation will take 8-9 months. It's pretty well cleaned out but, strangely, still had milk.

          1. re: Henry Spencer

            Grand Opening Friday 9-10. I drove by yesterday, and they're stocking the shelves.