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Jan 8, 2010 07:49 AM

Wedding Venues help!!!

I need a venue recommendation before we book. It can be up to an hour away from NYC (LI, Westchester/Hudson Valley, and Northern NJ). We want:
-pretty outdoor ceremony site w/ trees (preferrably no gazebo)
-hold up to 200 people comfortably
- vaulted wood ceilings (we want a rustic/lodge/ barn feel)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't think they have vaulted wood ceilings, but the Bronx Botanical Gardens are beautiful. Went to a wedding there last spring and the outdoor ceremony was gorgeous.

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      I second the Botanical Gardens. My nephew had his bar mitzvah there a few months ago. The service was professional , the atmostphere was spectacular and the food was innovative and top notch. They even made a delicious bar mitzvah cake to match his rock 'n roll theme. I believe the caterers were Abigail Kirsch - might have been Great Performances but one of those two.

    2. I am researching the same topic for my wedding next year. I will definitely email you with any of my findings!

      1. I think Harvest on Hudson may fit your criteria.

        1. The Carltun in Eisenhower Park. (LI)

          1. We had my daughter's wedding last April at Fountainhead in New Rochelle. I can't say enough about how professional the service is. Forget the food......people are still raving. We had 236 and the room holds more. Good luck. This year my younger daughter is getting married at Greentree County Club in New Rochelle. It is on the water and has a beautiful outdoor gazebo and grounds.