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Jan 8, 2010 07:08 AM

kitchen tools for kids

I'm looking for kitchen tools/equipment for a ten year old. I know Sur la table has an okay selection, but anywhere else?

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  1. Upon googling, I found this. Might be of use to you.

    1. any ideas for a local place?

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        I know the William Sonoma outlet at Wrentham has/had a great kids section. I was there before the holidays and they had utensils, aprons, baking pans, etc all kids size and in funky colors.

        I believe a few of the other kitchen stores at Wrentham outlet will carry some kiddie cooking/baking items.

      2. i was in the Lego store at the Natick Collection and they had a few fun Lego Man-shaped baking pans in that silicone (?) material. I almost bought one!