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Jan 8, 2010 06:59 AM

Where to watch the Dallas Cowboys Saturday night?

Other than Hill Country, anyone know where the Cowboy fans will be gathering in a fan freindly place to watch the playoff game?

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  1. Shorty's on 42nd and 9th..the game will def be on


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    1. re: jdg5005

      Hmm. Shorty's was the successor to Tony Lukes. I don't know if thats where the Cowboy fans will be gathering (though I do love his Roast Pork sandwich)! Go 'Boys

    2. There's a Cowgirls bar in Murray Hill called Stone Creek (or similar). It's on 27th between Lex and 3rd.

      GO EAGLES!!! :-)

      1. While I haven't been, there's a place on 26th Street btw 6th/7th called "The Ainsworth" that has more TV's under one roof than I've ever seen in my life: