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Jan 8, 2010 06:48 AM

Rehearsal dinner in Port Chester / White Plains

Looking for a place to have a rehearsal dinner in Port Chester or White Plains area. Requirements are a private room that would fit ~30 people on a Saturday night, good food, nice-enough (does not have to be fancy, just not a hole in the wall), and reasonable price. Definitely want under $50 a person (at least before booze), even less is better. Ethnic is fine, even slightly preferable since the wedding is going to have pretty standard fare.

Already looking into FISH and Sonora. Tarry Lodge doesn't do weekends. Where else should I be looking? Don't know the area at all, so any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rye Grill has a private room upstairs.

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    1. re: debmom

      Ruby's Oyster Bar, Purchase St. in Rye has a room upstairs that holds about 35.

      Peniche (tapas) has a back room. Milonga, another Spanish place on Bdwy in No. White Plains may also be able to give you your own space.

      Le Provencal in Mamaroneck, I don't think they have a private room but can give you a big space.

      Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck now has that "upper" level.

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        Don't know about the price point, but Emilio's in Harrison has excellent food and lovely rooms.

        1. re: anonymouse1935

          Excellent food at Emilio's?? Rye Grill is better and that place is a sysco-fry house! Buy out trattoria vivolo's back space and at least you'll be treated well.

          1. re: cubanat

            Yes, excellent food at Emilio's, given the parameters.

            Trattoria vivolo is housed in a 1950s diner.

            1. re: anonymouse1935

              I like the decor of that diner more than a tired interior and the bad food at emilios I guess. no parameter would get me to eat there again. just sayin' imho...

              1. re: cubanat

                I like Vivolo as well, and the service is fantastic.
                Sure to please.

        2. re: debmom

          I second Rye Grill. Rye Grill is solid and dependable, but it is standard fare; though they sure have the space. Sonora is pretty expensive.

          In White Plains, try Brazen Fox. Good Irish pub fare, nice surroundings, and they have a party room downstairs with a full bar. And they will work with you. Also, Elements has a small upstairs space that may fit 30 people, and they are accomodating too.

        3. Zanaro's on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains is Perfect. Don't know which day you are thinking about but they have a nice Sunday brunch, not too expensive. Hope this helps!

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          1. re: jillgabi

            Zanaro's??? Seriously?? At least Emilio's is locally owned. Stay away from chains!!!

            1. re: jillgabi

              I'd rather starve than eat at that hole.

            2. I had a wonderful 60th birthday party at Sonora..they were a pleasure to work with and the guests are still raving about the food. It is young and fun and Alex is the best. It is worth checking out.

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              1. re: alivn

                Cubanat: I may get some heat for this, but a couple of years ago, I did @ party @ Zanaro's. It was upstairs on the balcony, a really nice space, and we had our own buffet line, chocolate fountain, the works. It was a nice event and we received a lot of positive feedback from both adults and kids. The staff went above & beyond, both at the corporate office and in the restaurant. And, it was very reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to recommend the Sunday brunch for a party.

                1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                  DSD: I have no doubt that they are capable of doing a decent job with decent food. I have been enoying and trusting ( and mostly agreeing with) your opinions and recs over the years so I think that you will agree when all I am trying to say is to avoid chain restos! After years of reading about the slowfood movement and eating locally grown and all that jazz and then watching FOOD Inc and other docs like it I just have an issue with conglomerate establishments that are killing with that said I love a white castle cheeseburger as much as anybody...! But on CH when people ask for advice I would rather send them to peniche or even antipasti over agree?

                  1. re: cubanat

                    Cubanat: Thanks for the kind words. I keep close tabs on the food world too. And, I cannot stand Applebee's, which is unfortunately part of the same corporate family as Zanaro's. My recommendation was based on (i) supporting the WP community as a whole, of which I and Zanaro's are separate parts; and (ii) value for the buck-- I love Peniche but no way are they going to be able to offer a brunch in the $20-25 range as would Zanaro's. Now, I know this is the rub with the slow food movement-- you need to pay more $$ to support it, but how many of us can really afford to do that all the time?

                    Are you saying that Zanaro's is "killing (our) community", and that the solution is to pay, what, $10 ($12?) for sliders at Peniche? I don't want to twist your words.

                    So, I disagree with your last sentence to the extent that IMHO when people ask for advice on this board, we can each make our recommendations that the OP can choose from based on price, political beliefs, location-- whatever. I'm not going to stop recommending Zanaro's (based on my dining experiences there). You can choose to recommend non-chain restaurants exclusively. Live & let live! Opine & let opine!

                    ...See you at White Castle!

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Trevi in West Harrison (basically White Plains)
                  They have a private room.........check em out......

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