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Jan 8, 2010 05:39 AM

Charlotte Best of '09/Coming in '10

So what do you think? I liked Vivace and The Liberty. I'm not a fan of the Epicenter in general (it's filthy and crawling with drunken frat boys) but I also think Mez feels like a dark cave. Dandelion Market sound sreally interesting. it will be interesting to see if kevin Devin and all can pull this off. The food at Tyber Creek is awful and Connelly's doesn't serve food so we'll so how they do. Does midtown/Southpark need more sushi?

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  1. No part of Charlotte needs more sushi...apparently sushi is the new steak. Haven't these restaurant owners seen the closed steakhouses? The market is too saturated with mediocrity. I actually welcome the new "American sushi" coming to Dean and Deluca - at least with that you don't have to worry about low quality fish and poorly made rice.

    I agree about Dandelion, I look forward to trying it. I don't ever plan to eat anywhere at the Epicentre.

    1. I thought Good Food on Montford had good food, but ridiculously small portions (even for a small plates place) at a $10+ price point.

      $11 for a single scallop over a tablespoon of risotto? Who exactly am I supposed to share that with?

      After eating there with a party of four and getting several things to share, our tab was over $120 and was still hungry after.

      Soul is fun, Liberty is good, Fran's Filling Station is very good, and I haven't been anywhere near the EpiCenter...

      1. I really enjoyed Good Food on Montford... best new dining experience for me. Vietnam Grill on South Blvd (below Tyvola) isn't much to look at on the outside, but the inside and the food and service are all excellent. Siam Garden in Whitehall Park (I-485 at Arrowood) is a recent discovery for me in Thai cuisine.... also very good.

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          Vietnam Grille is definitely near the top of my list for 2009. I love that place.