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Jan 8, 2010 04:59 AM

Taco crazy

I am on a quest to find the best taquerias and taco trucks in s.w. Florida and willing to drive to get to them. I am in Collier county but if you feel you know of a place that a person like me needs to visit, please tell me about it I love road trips, especially when food is involved. So my taco loving friends, let me hear from you.

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  1. You might visit Taqueria San Julian, 3575Bayshore Drive. Haven't been there in a while but last time I was there, the tacos al pastor were $1.50 each...come foil wrapped with lime wedge and radish. There's another excellent place in Bonita Springs north of W. Terry Street off Old 41 ... maybe someone knows the name or even if it still exists.

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    1. re: Val

      You know your tacos, I have been Taco San Julian on Bayshore and also the one on old 41,but thanks for answering, any other thoughts?

      1. re: traumachef

        No, that's all I know of...but others will hopefully jump in...also, I think taco trucks and any other kind of food trucks & carts are banned in Collier County... I HAVE seen little lunch trucks at building sites -- not anywhere else, though. shame.

      1. re: michelito

        Lime looks a little to chain to me, I want the Pastor,carbon, barbacoa, little hole in the walls with the homemade salsas, the type of place you find south of the border. I want the real deal and I will do the road trip for something worth while.

        1. re: traumachef

          You're very diplomatic, Lime is one step removed from Taco Bell. One opened near me (Broward county) and was good the first half dozen times, but has gone downhill rapidly. Indifferent slugs behind the counter could care less if they're serving garbage, and lied to me the last two times I asked why most of the ingredients in the burrito described on the menu were absent ("that's how we always make it...") I do miss their scorching habanero salsa, but it was bland the last time I tried it. </rant>

          Best of luck on your quest and give the chains a wide berth!

          1. re: Semprini

            Thanks for the heads up, I had a feeling after reading the menu that Lime was not what I'm looking for.So still on my quest and waiting for some taco heads to come forward and tell me about some great spots. As I said I will travel for a good taco.

            1. re: traumachef

              TC, have you checked the board for Sarasota tacos, Tampa tacos etc.? I could swear I've seen posts about good taco joints in those locales.

              1. re: Val

                Thanks, I have started looking at past blogs and will be taking a road trip after reading "top mexican in Fla." also found some possible spots in Miami. Still looking for that hidden spot or spots in the Lee,Collier, Dade, etc, that I can do in a day, but thanks for any help, I will check it all out and post.

                1. re: traumachef

                  Dona Raquel's in Pompano (Broward) is worth the trip. Stop by there grocery next door too! You can couple it with a trip to the ISLE Casino which is very close by.

                  1. re: netmover

                    o.k now this sounds GREAT, thanks, I will be making this a road trip soon.

                    1. re: traumachef

                      Has anybody been to any of the taquerias in Bonita Springs? I have been to San Juian taqueria on old 41 but hear there's some other great ones on old 41 and around the area, anybody been to any?

                      1. re: traumachef

                        Yes, I was trying to tell you about this one in my first answer to you--it's just north of the W. Terry & Old 41 intersection...I don't know the name of the street but as you are headed north of that intersection on Old 41, you turn right onto a street and then this taqueria is on the right in a little strip mall-plaza place. I'm sorry, I just don't remember the name of the place but it was always packed. If you have time to bang around in that area, you might find it. I remember there was also a place called Paisano's that was on W. Terry Street proper but I don't know if either place is still open, to be honest...sorry, feeling very "lame."

                        1. re: Val

                          I will try this place tomorrow and thanks for the info.

                        2. re: traumachef

                          Maria's in Bonita Springs is likely the one you are thinking of.


                          1. re: LilMsFoodie

                            LMF, if you are talkin to me? (lol), I've been to Maria's...that's not the place I'm thinking's a little hole in the wall place or WAS...and it was north of that intersection, I'm sure of it. Maria's is south of the intersection of Old 41 and W. Terry.

                            YOU may have been the Tortelleria Rancherita place that I was thinking of!

                            1. re: Val

                              Val, I will find it and get back to you with the name. I am going on a taco quest tomorrow and will search old 41 for everything I can find. Thanks again for the post.

                              1. re: traumachef

                                Went today to Tortilleria La Rancherita in Bonita Springs 26751 Old 41 and found the food to be excellent. Ordered tacos AL Carbon and Barbocoa and both were perfect. As were the 3 home made salsas. A salsa Verde, pico de gallo, and another salsa that the owners wife makes that was very good. The owner Paul was great and the service was excellent.I will go back to this spot on a regular basis

                                1. re: traumachef

                                  yay, great to know they are still there and still awesome! Will try to get up there some weekend for lunch very dying for a good tamale, too, not sure if they prepare them there or not...Thanks TC for checking it out!

        2. You have to try the Taco Bus on the corner of Hillsborough and Nebraska in Tampa. Everything is authentic and the prices are good. The bus used to travel, but it's stationary now and has indoor seating next to it. Since you're in Collier, it won't be too far of a drive, especially if you take I-75 to I-275 and get off on the Hillsborough exit. Good luck!!

          El Taconazo
          913 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

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          1. re: Peachlyn

            wow a taqueria/ taco truck/ taco bus/ How cool is that.I see a road trip in the making, thanks this sounds very interesting.

            1. re: traumachef

              Val and Traumachef,,

              I have also found tops in tasty tacos both at Taqueria San Julian, 3575Bayshore Drive and at Tortilleria La Rancherita in Bonita Springs 26751 Old 41. When I am in either place, I'm usually the only gringo there, and am always welcomed.

              I really like the fish tacos at Tortilleria, their salsa, and mildly hot salsa verde. I like the tacos al carbon at Taqueria.

          2. Tacos AlCarbon Lake Worth and Military Trail

            Long ride but worth 24/7. You can trust me on this, I grew up in CA and used to travel below border a bunch. The best TACOS were in Nasty City (fish) and the Mission District. When in Mexico the question was what is this meat?

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            1. re: kendoe

              This is a good taco truck but not so good that I would roadtrip from Tampa or from anywhere in the western part of the state to get a piece of it.