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Jan 8, 2010 04:49 AM

Restaurant Rack of Lamb in St Louis

Going to St Louis in a few weeks. I'm craving rack of lamb and was hoping for a local suggestion downtown or central (CWE, Loop, Clayton).
West County would be ok, but a little out of the way.

Thanks all!

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  1. I did notice it at Outback the other night. No idea how it is but it looks like your not brimming with choices... ; )


    1. Tony's has it, although they serve it as lamb chops. I'd also call somewhere like Harvest, Monarch (in Maplewood), or American Place and check to see if they have it as a special. Farther west, your best purveyor of first-rate red meat is probably Annie Gunn's. I'm always hesitant to recommend chains, but there are Morton's and Ruth's Chris in Clayton.

      1. Grilled Marinated Marcho Farms Lamb Loin Chops (Three Six Ounce Chops) with an Ozark Forest Mushroom Chutney at Annie Gunn's is the best rendition of lamb chops I have ever had. They were also named one of the 30 best dishes in St Louis.

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          Thanks for the tips so far. Any other thoughts?

        2. IL Bel Lago in Creve Coure easily has the best Rack of Lamb in or around St Louis. Although Annie Gunn's is fantastic, the lamb is not as good there.

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            I'm hearing that Paul Manno's lamb rocks. I can't testify from experience but perhaps FOTD can weigh in here.

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              Manno's rack of lamb is very good, although the garlic and olive oil marinade comes through loud and clear.

              manstaine, have you had the lamb chops at Annie Gunns? If so, I am shocked at your comment. By far the best lamb chop I have ever had.