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Jan 8, 2010 04:47 AM

Looking for decaf lapsang souchong tea or substitute for braise recipe.

I'd like to make the braised hangar steak recipe made with this smoked tea from Ming Tsai but my wife cannot have caffeine. Therefore, I am looking for a decaf version or a reasonable substitute. I have not seen a decaffeinated version of this tea and was wondering what using decaf black tea and adding some liquid smoke would be like. Any ideas, information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I went to another tea shop yesterday asking for decaf lapsang but was told they did not have any. The sales associate asked why I needed decaf to which I explained my dilemma regarding my wife and the dish I intend to make. She informed me that the caffeine in tea is released in the initial 30 seconds of steeping. You may pour hot water in the tea, let it steep for 30 seconds and discard the water. Then using the same tea, pour in additional hot water and allow to steep as you normally would. Interesting.