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Jan 8, 2010 04:33 AM

BPA in canned foods - what are Chowers doing?

I've been pretty disheartened to learn about the fact that all canned goods are lined with BPA (one exception is Eden's organic beans, but only their bean products are in BPA free cans). Yes, I know, everything will kill us some day, but I do try to avoid things that I believe to be harmful when there's no reason not to (no Teflon, no saccharin, etc.).

From what I've read, tomatoes and green beans are the worst, which are staples in our house, along with canned fruit since much of the fruit throughout the year where we live is in poor condition and really overpriced. I tried purchasing boxed tomatoes and made my spaghetti sauce with them and it was TERRIBLE.

Is anyone else getting rid of their canned goods? Or are you guys just ignoring the BPA problem? Or doing something to meet somewhere in the middle? I am torn as to what to do.

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  1. The only boxed tomatoes I buy are Pomi...are those the ones you bought that were horrid? I really love them!

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      x2 on the Pomi love. We use their strained tomatoes in a lot of different dishes. Maybe it's the lack of salt in them that's the taste issue.

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        But if that's the problem, it is easily fixed, don't you think?

    2. I don't buy many canned products anymore. I buy fresh or frozen veggies and fruit, make my own soup stock to freeze. I do still used canned tomatoes when I need them. Somewhere on the boards someone mentioned the store brand (I don't remember which one) didn't use BPA - too expensive. I figure I've eaten enough of the stuff at my age that more probably isn't going to tip the scale, but I like to think I;m doing some good. And I no longer give my granddaughters canned products.

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        1. (Just noticed the OP is a few years old - hopefully the reply is helpful to someone still...)

          I can my own tomatoes - yes, it's a bit of a pain, but I know what's in them, and it's easy enough to whip up a sauce from them or add them to soup through the winter.

          Frozen fruits and vegetables are a convenient way to avoid BPA, and you can use only what you need and keep the rest of the bag frozen.

          I buy dried beans and soak & cook them myself - means having to be a little more prepared, but worth in in $ savings as well as the consideration of salt & other additives.

          And of course, every now and then, I'm unprepared and need to use products I'd rather not, but knowing that most of the time I'm "doing the right thing" keeps me from feeling obsessively over-critical!

          All the best as you try to navigate these new waters!!

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            Joanne, I hear ya. I used to grow my own, and probably will again soon. But I tend to be lazy. Also lost a good 50% of my crop to bugs, despite my best insecticide-free efforts.

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