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Jan 8, 2010 02:54 AM

Sur La Table Stainless Cookware

Hey everyone, newbie to the site.

I have been looking into buying a few new pieces for the kitchen, hoping to get one or two new stainless pans. I'm actually going to be new to stainless cooking (I've always used non-stick before), but working with a fairly tight budget so I don't necessarily mind not starting with the TOP of the line. That being said, I also don't want to start with something so cheap it ends up being an unusable waste of money.

I was in our local Sur La Table a few days ago and was interested by their own brand of stainless pans. They have a pretty good sale going right now, making their pans way cheaper than the All-Clad stuff I had been looking at.

The SLT brand seems like a pretty decent pan, same type of construction, just not made in the USA. I have had trouble finding any reviews on these pans so any information y'all have would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Adding on here: I also just ran across a lot of stuff saying the Tramontina stuff from WalMart is comparable to All-Clad, which is shocking considering the price difference. As well as the Kirkland Signature triply set currently on the Costco website. Any thoughts on these?

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      As you said, there are plenty decent stainless steel cookware like the Tramontina, All-Clad Emerliware (not the All-Clad All-Clad), Calphalon... I do not know about SLT brand though.

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        I do not have nor have used AC. I do have SLT 12" and Tramontina 10" and 12". I've been very pleased with them. I use these for just about everything except eggs. I have a 12" cast iron that I use a lot too.

        Regardless of SS or CI, they go from range top to oven back to range top without any worries. I try to stay away from real acidic stuff and food that I don't want picking up any dark color in the CI. I will use the SS for light color fish.

        I like the stainless for the fond that is produced, helping create flavorful sauces.

        I do use Bar Keeper's cleaner on them occasionally and they clean up nicely.

    2. I don't have any All-Clad to compare it to, but I love my SLT 2qt saucier. Performance is great, and I particularly like the handles (MUCH better than AC handles, which I don't find comfortable at all). I've been considering the SLT saute pan as well as the Emerilware Pro-Clad saute pan, which is made by AC and, according to some on this site, just as good. The Emerilware is slightly cheaper, especially if you buy at BBB w/a 20% coupon, but comparable price-wise.

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        There we go. A real testimony on SLT cookware.

      2. I"ve used the SLT cookware and haven't had any issues with it. Performs well as a triply stainless. I've also used the Kirkland Stainless with good results. Any of the three: STL, Kirkland, or Tramontina(I haven't used this one but the reviews are consistenlty good so I wouldn' thave a concern) you should be happy with!