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Jan 8, 2010 02:15 AM

suprise birthday trip

I have booked a 3 day trip to Paris on 29th Jan for my husband and myself ( its his birthday) our three teenage daughters want to suprise him ,and turn up on the sat night at the restaurant. I would like suggestions please.We love Le bisro paul bert and chez paul.Any others similar? Also any ideas for a grown up friday Dinner for two. I had thought chez julien as costes have done it up, and its such a lovely location. however haven't been for seventeen years! The other was Drouant. haven't been. Price not so much an issue for the friday, however my husband does not like pretentious stuffy places.

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  1. Well, one should ask Soup and John Whiting for bistros and search here as well as Google Bistrots Paris, but for the moment my response is:
    Paul Bert yes
    Chez Julien, no, everything the Costes touch is damaged.
    Drouant wonderful, esp for two for a "grown up friday Dinner for two."
    But there's much else.

    John Talbott

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    1. re: John Talbott

      "chez paul"

      You mean the one at Basstille? on rue de Charonne? Can be a fun family place. Don't forget to book. If I were you, I would pick a place that is not too staid. Pick the kind of place where if you sing Happy Birthday, it won't be in the middle of a quiet room.
      Many of the lively bistros favored by this forum fit the bill. I'd of course pick chez l'ami Jean. The last time a table of people sang Hapy Birthday there, the whole place joined in.
      And the food !
      And the walk by the Seine afterwards, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower…

      1. re: John Talbott

        you are so right, I went to hotel costes for a drink earlier this year - not the most welcoming place. Will try Drouant . One more question if I may - Angelinas for breakfast?

        1. re: girlstead

          "Angelinas for breakfast?"

          One usually goes there for tea, not that breakfast is banned.

          1. re: Parigi

            yes the one at Bastille. Going to look at L'ami jean perhaps.The girls want to go off vintage shoppings so I wanted somewhere nice for breakfast. thats why I thought of Angelina- pretty and girly. appreciate any suggestions am looking for a place open on sunday evening.

            1. re: girlstead

              I reread my telegraphic post and groaned. Had not meant to suggest that chez Paul was a staid place. It is anything but.

              For breakfast in the neighborhood that you are targeting, I recommend Verlet, 256, Rue Saint Honoré, for the heady house-roast coffee.
              Off topic:
              For vintage shops near Angelina or Verlet, try Didier Ludot on Palais Royal. Those buttery-leather Kelly bags and 60s Chanel accessories just make me drool. Also, La Marelle inside the pretty Galerie Vivienne.

              1. re: Parigi

                I have looked at verlet and it looks perfecct , will pass on your suggestions to the girls thank you so much.

            2. re: Parigi

              Angelina opens at nine --- so it sure can't be early breakfast.