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Jan 7, 2010 09:27 PM

Chinatown's Sumo Ramen?


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Sumo Ramen = A real bright gem for Japanese ex pats and the likes in the heart of Chinatown.

        Having moved here from Japan so many years ago, I yearn for a real Japanese food even more every year. This joint filled that void in me. A real ramen joint in Montreal? It can't be true! (oh yes, it's true!)

        Menu included 7 or 8 kinds of ramen which you can choose soup base from miso or soy sauce. Gyudon (beef bowl), Unadon (eel bowl), Curry rice, etc, all the right menus at right price points. I was a bit skeptical of its authenticity at first, given the Chinatown location, but I was proven dead wrong.

        I had a Kazan ramen and gyoza. Mmm. gyoza! Gyoza is wonderful, every living men in Japan loves them, and it can put people ecstatic state if they taste good. Sumo restaurant hit homerun for me.

        First off, where else in Montreal, can you find a handmade gyoza that are grilled in a right way with pari-pari (thin sheet of gyoza skin) on top? Knowing how much easier to serve you a frozen gyoza for a restaurant, these guys are serious about the gyozas and it shows in the flavor.

        The ramen was wonderful - having had ramen in other resto on St. Laurent in upper Main, sorry but there is no comparison. As a ramen junky, I loved the selection of ramens and I think it's so cool to have a real Chinese addition to the menu. You can choose to add selective toppings much like the restos in Japan. The soup tasted great and I definitely think that it was adapted well for customer base in Montreal, not to say that it was bad, but to assure that this restaurant is serious about staying in business as well.

        Yes, I am totally impressed with the food and I am thrilled even more that there is a restaurant who cares and respect a very popular type of Japanese food, most appreciated by ordinary people. One of the staff there told me as I was paying after the meal, the chef was a Chinese but spent 7-8 years in Tokyo food business. Makes a complete sense and I want to applaud him for having the gut and resource to pull this off. Having this restaurant in Montreal definitely makes my homesick a lot easier to deal with.

        So if you are a Japanese ex pat, you should definitely go there and enjoy the gyoza and the ramen. if you want to experience a definitely most popular type of food in Japan, you should go there too.