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Jan 7, 2010 08:51 PM

Monday at Rivera . . . what to eat?

My Dad and I are going to Rivera on Monday before the KIngs game. What are the must-get items??? Including drinks.

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  1. If you like duck, the duck enfrijolada. I love the purple rain cocktail, although every cocktail I've tried there has been really delicious.

    1. Only been once, but I really thought the housemade tortillas were fabulous. The pork short ribs, however, were a total disaster -- greasy and undercooked. Avoid at all costs.

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        Greasy and undercooked ribs? Someone should get Sedlar to Tonny's for costillas -- chewy, bony, and delicious.

        BTW, can you compare Rivera's tortillas to the tender and slightly puffy ones at Babita? They're the best I've had in Los Angeles, hands up or down.

      2. There are, I believe, two different rellanos, one hot and one cool. Get them both, they were delicious. Also the tortilla starter, and the chocolate cake with pineapple was honestly one of the best, if not THE best, dessert I have ever had.

        1. to drink: the barbacoa. hands down! I think the food is good (and certainly pretty) but the cocktails were even better.

          1. weirdly, my post recommending the duck enfrijolada was removed. do the chowhound gods not like duck?? I also really like the purple rain cocktail in addition to all their other cocktails I've tried.