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Jan 7, 2010 08:14 PM

Fresh eggs in/near Bham?

Is there anywhere in or near Birmingham where I can find fresh farm eggs?

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  1. Yes. Organic Harvest sells eggs from someone just past the Mississippi border; they've been laid within the previous week. Some places, including V Richards, sell the McEwans eggs that Frank Stitt has popularized (they're raised by the sons of the millers who do the grits, meal, polenta, etc).
    Rora Valley Farms near Sylacauga sells the eggs at the Pepper Place market, but I don't know if they're available during the winter, when hens lay fewer eggs. But when I wne to the far to buy some of their farm-raised chickens (they took orders for fall and spring chickens last year) last October, they had some eggs available for purchase.
    Email them at

    This may help but some of the info is out of date:

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