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Jan 7, 2010 07:31 PM

HELP! Seeking Specific WOK In San Jose-Mountain View...?

Trying to find a specific wok in the San Jose-Mountain View area, to save myself a trip to SF and Chinatown (Wokshop)...

Seeking a FLAT BOTTOM carbon steel wok with the two metal "elephant ear" handles, 14". Most western style woks with flat bottoms come with the long wooden POW style handle and a smaller helper handle on the opposite side.

NEED the Cantonese style with the two metal "elephant ear" handles, and a FLAT BOTTOM. Picture of what I need is below. Any help is MOST appreciated...!

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  1. I can't say that I know whether they have that exact kind, but you could look at 99 Ranch in Mountain View or Cupertino, or the Chinese market on Castro in MV.

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    1. re: Cicely

      Yeah, tried both of those stores, Cicely—NO GO! Got some great supplies, particularly at the Chinese Market on Castro in MV (love that market!), but no luck with finding this wok...!

      1. check the web site of the Wok Shop on Grant Ave. (SF)--they have a diverse selection and aren't expensive.

        1. Since a flat-bottomed wok is a modern concept, I doubt you will find anything but the wood handle type. I take it you want to cook on a ceramic stove, and it ain't gonna work right. The whole concept is round bottom-intense heat.

          1. Well, I went up to the Wokshop in SF and got the wok. I wanted this wok as I have never cooked with a flat bottom wok on an electrical range, and I am a Chinese cooking junkie; I have a 75,000 BTU propane burner outside and cook in my well seasoned round bottom woks (both carbon steel and thin, thin Chinese cast iron).

            While the flat bottom perfroms decently, as OldTimer mentioned, good stir frys are about heat. After using mega heat (intense jet blue high powered flame) on my woks and stir fries, I really am spoiled!

            Just really wanted to try the tradional American way of stir-stewing with too little heat, for myself...

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              toddster, I envy you: your setup is the same as my dear departed grandmother's, and I swear nothing else can create wok hay like that. I don't know why you want to suffer with the flat-bottomed American wimp-heat style of stir-frying, but then my husband says to him, all good cooks seem masochistic...