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Jan 7, 2010 07:22 PM

Gardein (garden protein) in Calgary

Has anyone tried Gardein/"it's all good"?
Despite the Oprah stamp of approval, it sounds interesting (from a carnivore viewpoint).

And where did you find it? Website says IGA, Safeway, Sobey's.
I have only checked my local Safeway which does not carry it.
No time to check anywhere else yet.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. if you have a natural foods store nearby, or any type of supermarket similar to Whole Foods Market here in the US, that's probably your best bet.

        1. This is another product line of Yves Potvin, founder of Yves Veggie Cuisine, you know, tofu burger, sausage, etc. You might try Superstore or Planet Organic as I know they both carry Yves Veggie products.

          I will say that reading the list of ingredients in Gardein sounds like it took more than a few tries in the lab to get things to look and taste like meat. I'll be reading those labels.

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            I have tried the Gardein product and purchased it at Superstore. It comes in a variety of ways (sstrips, breaded breasts, etc)...and I found it to be pretty good.

            1. re: katidyd

              Thanks ... I guess an expedition to the suburbs is in order.

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