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Jan 7, 2010 06:22 PM

Private Room for 40+ people in Orlando?

We are hosting a business dinner this pspring and are looking for a stunning room woth excellent food. We are hoping to find it as part of great restaurant. We do not want it to be part of a chain. Food can be of any ethnic variety or straight American. We do not want a steak house - but they can serve steak. Good service is also important. But as is the key!

This is for a Monday night..which can be tricky. Plus it should not be farther than 30 minutes of Convention center.

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  1. As you might expect, the area around the convention center is loaded with upscale restaurants that cater to the convention crowd with private dining rooms. Off the top of my head I'd recommend Vine's Grille & Wine Bar, Roy's, Antonio's Sand Lake, MoonFish. I"m sure other hounds will chime in with more.

    1. Have a perfect place, my company had a Christmas party this year and it was outstanding we eat here often but this was the first time we had a party here and we had about 60 people the service was great and the food was FANTASTIC. They are a mom and pop that take alot of pride in their place. You can look up Juliana's in Orlando you will not be disapointed they have a great wine list and a full bar. Just what you are looking for not a is made to order not premade.......