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Jan 7, 2010 05:18 PM

Dine LA Restaurant Week 2010

Here is the list. I'm slightly confused by The Bazaar's menu. Last time we could pick a few from a fairly extensive list. Any word on how this one is supposed to work?

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  1. They did this last time, too. You get one app, and three tapas from a DineLA menu, and choice of dessert. The flan was amazing!

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    1. re: attran99

      Were you full after the meal? Bazaar is on our list of places to go during dineLA this time too, but not sure if it will be worth it?

      1. re: chris1621

        It's definitely plenty of food. I was actually completely stuffed after my DineLA meal there in October.

        1. re: chris1621

          I would recommend getting some "FILLERS" such as the Spanish Tomato Toast with the Spanish Jamon. That actually was one of my favorite dishes. If you go with say the canned seafood.. they are tiny and will definitely be full.

          1. re: chris1621

            Hi, Chris!
            That night, we ordered an extra course of the jamon serrano assortment platter, each had the appetizer (more the size of amuse bouche than an appetizer), split the 12 tapas between us, and spilt the four desserts between us. My husband and his best friend were still hungry afterwards, whereas his best friend's girlfriend and I thought it was just the right amount of food. The cocktails were as cool as the food, and service was top notch. Considering the price that you're paying in comparison to normal prices, the DineLA menu is a steal, and our experience was great.

            1. re: chris1621

              I was definitely full after the meal. I would recommend going with a small group instead of a date to take advantage of the variety and the additional quantity.
              We ended up ordering a few things off the a la carte menu but that really didn't add too much more for cost.

              1. re: anvali

                Great, thanks everyone for the suggestions! I think we're definitely going to try it. I've been to the bar area before and agree with attran99, they were remarkable!

                1. re: chris1621

                  I wanted to report back - went to the Bazaar last night for dinner for dineLA and it was absolutely fantastic! I went with a friend and both of us were completely full before the desserts even came. We did order one more extra that wasn't included (the tuna ceviche and avocado roll), but found that the portions were decent and very flavorful. Karyn - we did go with your suggestion of getting the Jamon dish, it was one of our favorites as well! I would definitely go back again!

          2. I just moved back to LA this year after years being away. I had heard of Bazaar, but never looked into it until now (getting ready for dineLA). Now I'm a bit confused--what is it that people love about this place? I looked at their website and nothing interested me at all. Perhaps I was just put off by the impossible-to-navigate website.
            I really would want to go if people can tell me what's so good about it.

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            1. re: kerosundae

              Your best bet is to review previous CH postings/reviews about The Bazaar, as it's been pretty popular over the last year or so. Their website does not provide any information at all.

              1. re: attran99

                Yea now it's definitely one of my top places to try. However, the DineLA menu doesn't look like such a big discount-- philly cheese=$7; tapas about $12 each, dessert $12 each, so total $55, combined with the time restriction , difficulty of getting a good time slot during resto week and how crowded the place will be, saving about $10pp doesn't seem that amazing. For the value, I'd rather do Ortolan, which seems like a steeper discount, and save Bazaar for say, my bday. Unless I'm missing something.

                1. re: kerosundae

                  After spending a good couple hours on the dineLA site, I finally narrowed my choices to fig, josie , cache, and michaels. All the good seating times were taken up at my top choices so Michaels it was.

                  We were seated in a awkward corner of the patio (with plenty of prime tables sitting empty the whole night), and had to ask for the dineLA menu. At this point the server mentioned the hanger steak was out. I almost considered leaving (and now i wish i did), as this was the reason I chose this menu over some others. The main menu entrees cost nearly as much as the whole dinela menu, so I couldnt justify ordering that way. This left me with cod or jidori chicken, and no substitution for the hanger steak. I clearly stated my disappointment in having 2 choices, without a substation, and I tried to sweet talk a pork chop swap in there to no avail. Strike1

                  I then ordered a Chehalem Pino Gris, of the 600 bottles, of course, this was out. Strike 2

                  The quail ap was pretty solid, pan roasted with bacon lardons over some tasty wild mushrooms. This was the highlight of the night.
                  The butternut squash soup as as uninspiring as the canned version.

                  The black cod entree came out, and I havent been this disappointed in a presentation for quite some time.

                  The presentation looked like something out of a bargain cookbook. Pile of pilaf. Cod. 4 cherry tomatoes, and a little aoli. Thats it? Thats what 38$ worth of food looks like?

                  Chocolate cake dessert was good, creme brulee was as bland and uninspiring as the cod.

                  Grand total for 2 people with 2 cocktails, a "cheaper" wine, and 2 dine LA menus + tip, 238.

                  I only wish I took that kind of money to bazaar, spago, or BOA, and got my moneys worth, and discovered a new place to return in the future.

                  1. re: eglbc

                    Yikes! I was planning on visiting MICHAEL'S for lunch next week but now you have me questioning that choice. My other option is the PARQ at the Montage. Has anyone had an experience there they can share?