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Jan 7, 2010 04:56 PM

Where to buy fish in Orlando?

I've recently returned to Orlando after many years of living in DC, and I've been dismayed to find such a lack of quality seafood markets. My suspicion is that much of the seafood that is caught around the Florida coasts is shipped off to the rest of the country. But there's got to be some good, if limited, vendors in and around Orlando to buy fish and other seafood from? Where are the shrimp shacks selling today's catch from the Gulf?!

My mother used to shop at Lombardi's, but she says their quality has gone down and the place reeks now. Also, my dad had a patient who used to work there who advised him that the quality of their products was not the best...

Some people recommend Lighthouse Seafood in Lake Mary, so I'll check that out.

Others have said that 1st Oriental Supermarket on Colonial is reliable, but I'm a little suspicious of asian supermarkets for fish and meats.

Any recommendations other than Whole Foods?


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  1. Definitely try Lighthouse Seafood in Lake Mary.

    Winter Park Fish Company on Fairbanks has a small retail market but the fish is quite expensive.

    If you're up for a drive, King's Seafood in Port Orange is very good; lots of local fish right off the boats. We also like Oceans in New Smyrna Beach, however the place was a bit stinky the last time we stopped in.

    I've picked up some nice fish at Fresh Market in Altamonte Springs also.

    And you are SO right -- we should have many more local seafood markets than we do....

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      Thanks for the tips. King's Seafood sounds like a fun, food adventure.

      I ended up checking out 1st Oriental Market this weekend, and they have a good variety of fish, and the quality was good. Not sure if anything was local though.

      The Caribbean Supermarket across the street could also be promising.

    2. I agree with the statement about Lombardi's. Very few things are local there and not very fresh. Lighthouse seafood is also great but the only downside is that they cater to a demographic that prefer top-of-the-food-chain fish (e.g. snapper, grouper, mahi, tuna).

      You should you go to Port Canaveral where you will find both Wild Ocean Seafood Market and Seafood Atlantic. While both are good, they have very different personalities. It's really cool seeing the shrimp boats floating next to the dock at Wild Ocean and you will regularly see both locations have fishermen bring in fresh fish. You are right about seafood being shipped out.... Seafood Atlantic actually ships a lot of their stuff to New York's Fulton's Market. I know its a far off way but its great seafood... i suggest making a day trip out of it and visiting the beach, having lunch at Grills or Smokehouse and going to Cocoa Village (historic city).
      I actually like the Wild Ocean in Titusville.. because of its location they cater mostly to locals (hence local seafood)... and they process their own shrimp there too.
      Whole Foods's seafood department is not have bad but definitely pricey. Bravo Supermarket is very hit or miss... but their Kingfish is local and well-priced.
      1rst Oriental hit or miss and their local mullet is a little overpriced but they carry local pullet eggs from Lake Meadow Naturals which is amazing.

      Good Luck!!

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        Those markets at Port Canaveral sound great -- will definitely arrange a road trip soon! And will check out 1st Oriental in town, also.....thanks!

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          Great recommendations again, thanks!

          I found this List of recommended places on Yelp, which also included Wild Ocean Seafood and some other hidden gems that could be worth exploring:

        2. Thanks to the chowhound who recommended Seafood Atlantic at Port Canaveral -- finally got over there yesterday, picked up some nice local fish at an incredibly reasonable price, and followed it all up with an excellent lunch at Grills. Afterwards we hiked up to Jetty Park and had a drink at Ron Jon's hotel poor bar before heading home to Altamonte -- what a great day trip! On the menu tonight -- Spanish Mackeral. Thanks again hounds!

          1. I second Lighthouse Seafood. It's small, but they always seem to have a nice selection of fish and it's a lot more convenient than driving all the way out to Titusville to get fish from Wild Ocean.