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Jan 7, 2010 04:42 PM

Emmitsburg, MD Food Recs?

We will be driving up to Emmittsburg next Sunday and will be looking to grab lunch on the way back. Any suggestions? I've never driven up that way (I'm in NOVA).

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  1. If you're up for BBQ, between Mt. St. Mary's and Emmitsburg on 15, there is a good BBQ joint by the name of Chubby's BBQ. You can check out the websiter for a menu.

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    1. re: Chippewa29

      I've had some pretty decent BBQ at Chubby's, but my last meal there was a real stinker. Hope it was just a bad day and not a trend.

      If you want something a little nicer, just up Seton Ave. from Chubby's is a nice place called the Carriage House Inn. Pretty old school, but they make a nice crabcake.

      Nothing else edible along Rte. 15 until you get to Frederick.

      1. re: DanielK

        The bar at the Cozy Inn in Thurmont is, well...cozy. They have a decent burger and bar-type food, Sierra Nevada on tap. Nice place to catch a little football on a Sunday afternoon. The have a buffet in the main restaurant that's okay for what it is, but not special. Avoid that Irish place on 15. Positively morbid.

      1. Was not particularly impressed with Chubby's on my previous visit, and cannot recall anyplace else in Emmitsburg. Kountry Kitchen in Thurmont is country, and ok, but strongly suggest avoiding the Cozy, especially the buffett. Shamrock is not much better. If you can wait until you get to Frederick, you'll find more to choose from.

        1. You might want to make it a few more miles up 15 and hit Gettysburg. There can you dine at Dobbin House, pick the basement, and choose the French Onion Soup, Sweet bread (not sweetbreads) and finish off with warm Gingerbread.
          89 Steinwehr Avenue (Business Route 15 South)

          Or try Appalachian Brewing Company for some good pub food

          or La Bella Italia for some great subs on great bread.

          1. The Ott House, next to the one traffic light in town, has absolutely delectable hot wings. Discovered by mistake post-hiking trip in the Catoctins.