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Jan 7, 2010 04:32 PM

Need suggestions for a weekend in Portland

Going to spend the weekend in Portland and would love to visit a great bar (or two) that serves (good) local beers and great food. We also would love suggestions "must dine" places for dinner.


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  1. try using the search function, this question comes up about 30 times a day...

    1. For brewpbs, Deschutes in the Pearl has some good food and good beer, also Bridgeport in the Pearl or Hawthorne..Deschutes has better food. There is also Widmer in the North. Going to the specific brewpubs is fun. These all have sit down dinner and bar snack foods. Spints alehouse just opened, but I haven't tried it for German food and beer, and there.s Proust on Mississippi which has the bar with the carts next to it...

      Teardrop Lounge and Beaker and Flask are great bars for cocktails, and they have good food.
      Screen Door for brunch...if you can handle the line...breakfast or brunch in portland is great.
      What kind of food do you like?

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        Thanks for the suggestions--we like anything but Indian and we get really good Mexican and sushi home here in LA so looking for pretty much any other cuisines. The breakfast/brunch suggestions are awesome as we will definately check those out. We're staying at Hotel Lucia so I *think* we're close to the Pearl--we'll be sure to check out Deschutes.

        Sambamaster--um, thanks?

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          Your hotel is really close to the Pearl.just cross Burnside, and walk down a few blocks...also, knowing where you are... you could check out Kenny and Zuke's Deli and Clyde Common on Stark...very close to you. Ping is also fun and happening..fancy asian street food, in our mini chinatown and diagonally across from them Davis St Tavern has a really good are in a great location for food! Have a great time.
          Have a fun and delicious weekend

      2. Here are two threads... one is my own thread for my foodie weekend in Portland last May and another thread I used as a reference. My fave (memorable) places were Sel Gris for dinner, Simpatica for brunch, Sahagun for hot chocolate and other chocolate samples. I wish I had gone to PokPok for Thai food though...

        *edit: sorry, I just read on another thread that Sel Gris is currently closed. I also had a great meal at Clyde Common like someone else suggested.

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          Awesome--thanks so much to both of you! :)