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Jan 7, 2010 02:56 PM

Anything new & notable near Boca (WPB to Aventura)?

We are headed to Florida for winter break and hope it will not snow. I am only half joking. Anyway, have any new restaurants or take-out places opened up since last year? Has any new dairy place stepped up in place of the defunct Eilat Cafe? We have been voting for Grill Time for fleishig meals and the new Asian place (I forget the name). Has the quality stayed high in these places?

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  1. Cant reply as to those two specifically. But:

    Lula Cafe on A1A in Sunny Isles: Israeli style grill. 'O-k" Hashgacha. We had a good meal of well prepared grilled meats and salads. Service a tad slow. Would reccomend overall.

    Pita Hut in the Waterways, Aventura. Can not recomend. The place has continued to slide since its Prime Grill days. Service was efficient and portions were fine but with other good options in this catagory there is no need to choose this one.

    Pita Plus, Lohmann Shopping Center, Aventura: Consistently good shwarma and falafel. A fast food setting in a open air mall with outside tables so ambiance is not the reason people go there - its all about the really good food. A recomended choice overall.

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      Lula Cafe- my family loved it last time they were in FL. Said the waitress was great and arranged to make them pretty much anything they wanted. One wanted no oil, one wanted not so spicy... the kids loved the food.

      Pita Hut- husband's grandparents used to go there often, they walked out the last time they went. Said the food looked awful and waitress didn't want to seat them

      Pita Plus- that'll be my first stop off the plane next week! Love that place- food is awesome- service is quick

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        there's was a good (but small) Israeli Burger/Sharmwa place on Dixie highway in North Miami when I was there a month ago. Name and crossstrreet escape me at the moment

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          Josh's Burgers? Or something like that? Also on W Dixie is a new dairy place- Ritz

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            Burger bar. It is a great burger joint

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              I think it was on West Dixie hwy, just north of Miami Gardens Drive

        2. Which new Asian place?

          Grill Time is the same as always... sooo crowded and slow service. The food is the same quality as always, but last time we were there everything came cold. Way understaffed, as the waitress never brought us the drinks we asked for and we waited a half hour for the check.

          We liked Thai Treat... but there aren't many 'plain' options on the menu. We went into Prime Sushi (dairy on 41st) but walked out- very expensive and the food coming out didn't look good at all.

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            The new place is Asia Wok in Boca Raton. Reviews on Shamash are here We enjoyed it alot -- food, service, and ambiance but I do not remember what we had a year ago. I think I was on a special diet at the time and remember they accomodated me well. We did not order sushi. In addition to their asian menu they have slurpees for the kids in real slurpee cups, which was cute but a a little surprising for this slightly more upscale place ( I mean more upscale than the pita joints mentioned above). It was family friendly and very very busy last year.

            1. re: Southern Belle

              Looks like a good place.. don't know if we'll be in Boca though.

              Last year we went to Pagoda.. which closed.. really enjoyed it because they had a whole 'grill' menu that was perfect for my husband's grandparents who can't eat Asian food.

          2. the new dairy place in Boca is European Corner Cafe, on Camino Real, right next to Asia, My wife was there a few days ago, she said it was OK, With Eliat Cafe gone, they are really the only dairy place around the area.
            I heard, but I am waiting for someone to confirm that Fifth Avenue Bakery is looking to open closer to Montoya Circle. I really think we need something like that here.
            Falafel Armon is back to its original owner, but I was never there then, and i have not been there lately.
            FYI, I just read that the kosher Albertsons on SR 7 is closing.
            Although I work in Aventura, I hardly go out to eat, but I agree with all the posts that praised Pita Plus. there is also a new Subway inside the JCC in Aventura, and there are new restaurants opening every day in the vicinity of Dixie Highway and Miami Gardens Drive. I still think Shalom Haifa is the best place for a not so fancy business lunch.
            for a full list of restaurants in Miami and Aventura, check this link, but remember to call before going because the list may not be so updated