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Jan 7, 2010 02:52 PM

Chicago Restaurant Week - February 19-28, 2010

This is the big one, with over 150 restaurants participating. 3-course prix fixe meals are $22 lunch, $32 dinner. This year's participating restaurants are listed on the Chicago Convention and Visitors Bureau's website at

For reports on meals during last year's event, see the discussion at

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  1. This is my favorite week in Chicago - can't wait!!!!

    1. I'm looking at the Merlo on Maple and Chicago Firehouse menus. They look great! Any other menus stand out to anyone?

      1. i'm definitely interested in RW but will need some recommendations. last year i checked out aria (totally underwhelmed), aigre doux (very nice), and onesixtyblue (fantastic). seasoned RW people, post away! help the rest of us!

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          Last year, I did Cafe des Architectes and loved it. However, it's worth noting that they now have their very similar "neighborhood friends menu" Sundays through Tuesdays every week, 3 courses for $29. I also did one sixtyblue and was very disappointed.

          Unfortunately, you won't be able to do Aigre Doux again. They've closed.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Just did Cafe des Architects on Sunday based on your recommendations from last year and I was equally impressed. My table mate and I ordered the duck confit and shepherds pie for appetizer. The duck confit was a perfectly crisp leg and thigh of duck with a nice citrus salad. My shepherd's pie was heavy (creamy mashed potatoes on top and braised beef blow), but I didn't mind at all since a furious snow storm was whipping outside. I thought my friend's fish entree was a bit bland, but my flat iron steak was delicious and cooked precisely to order. I would ONLY want for a slightly tangier sauce to contrast with all the rich meat and umami mushrooms. Our desserts were equally solid. My friends praline crunch was a dense chocolate cake with crunchy nuts while my mango dessert would have been better had it been less sweet (maybe a mint leaf would have helped).

            Cafe des Architectes
            20 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL 60611

        2. Choosing where to go during Restaurant Week is very difficult. You can't always tell which ones are a great deal, and which ones aren't. Some of the restaurants are priced such that $32 for 3 courses isn't the best deal they have. For example, La Sardine has a deal in which every Tuesday, you can choose any 3 courses from the menu for $25. OTOH sometimes restaurants will feature wines or other bargains in addition to the RW special, or even throw in an extra course. You just don't always know where the best deals are.

          Of course, it's a great time to try a restaurant you've been wanting to try anyway, to see what it's like as well as to see what surprises they have as part of the Restaurant Week menu.

          I'm looking forward to it, but haven't decided on any places yet. It's still early, and a lot of restaurants have not yet made their RW menu available on their website.

          1. just wna say that blackbird is now offering dinner!