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Jan 7, 2010 02:12 PM

restaurant week question

i'm going to be in nyc for restaurant week...(there for business or i would've planned another week to go...not a huge fan of restaurant week quality)...but do you think it's possible to get into some of these restaurants without a reservation if it's just one person?

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  1. well you dont need to participate in RW. The answer to your questions really depends on what resto it is and what time you want to go...

    1. Of course it's possible. Check opentable and see which restaurants have tables available - that's a clue, even if you don't don't want to make a reservation yourself.

      If you're "not a huge fan of restaurant week quality" (which, incidentally, varies widely from restaurant to restaurant) you can almost always order off the regular menu. And not all restaurants participate, so you can avoid those that do.

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        oh that's good! i was under the impression that if a restaurant was participating, then that was it. but i am glad there is a choice! i am thinking making an earlier evening reservation is easier...i want to make sure i get in to some of these restaurants! thanks so much!

        1. re: lawyerlady

          Happy to help! I've had some great restaurant week experiences and others best left unmentioned. Although there are exceptions (cough, Nobu, cough), a top tier place will still behave like a top tier place, even when providing a meal at a discount. You'll also find that some restaurants participate only at lunch.

          1. re: small h

            so far, spice market, le bernardin and aquavit...wonderful!

            1. re: lawyerlady

              I haven't been to Spice Market, but I love Le Benardin and Aquavit (although I didn't eat at either during Restaurant Week). I hope you have a wonderful time, and be sure to report back!